Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sedona Lace Brushes!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let y'all in on a exciting purchase of mine, and that is the Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush kit. Above is the box that it came in, with it's Sedona Lace tape an everything. 

I opened it up and was greeted by bubble wrap, which entertained me for a good five minutes. I was happy to see that everything was so nicely packaged and taken care of!

Underneath the bubble wrap was what I was not expecting to find and that is a nice gift bag and a business card. I really appreciated the gesture and the type of 'handmade' esque that the bag gives off.

Inside the bag were the 4 brushes that I had purchased, with the plastic coverings and the sheaths that I will use when I wash them. I'm not too fond of the pink bristles but I bought them anyway because I was just interested in the general shape of them. It's nice!

Here's the brushes without the plastic on them.

The three brushes were the 602, 925, and 480. The 602 is the angled, 480 is the round top and 925 is the flat top. Then it also comes with the Kabuki Brush!

Now I would like to talk to you about how awesome Sedona Lace as a company is, I ordered these brushes on May 7th, I get an email two hours later saying they have been shipped and May 10th they arrive at my door, and all for $3.31! Now that is what I call awesome customer service. I am still shocked at the fact that it arrived so fast and to Hawaii! I usually have to wait about a week at least. I am very happy in that aspect.

As for the brushes themselves, I have not washed them yet but they are very soft to the touch, seem pretty dense and do not seem to scratch the face at all (I did a quick once over the face to know how they feel on the face, I did not use them today. Don't worry.)

This ends my very first blog post on my new MacBook Pro! My boo bought it for me for Military Spouse Appreciation day! :D



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