Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wanna go shopping?

Hey adventurers! I know that when I'm online shopping I get tired of looking at the same ol' websites (ie. hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, aeropostale, wet seal, forever21, etc) even though they are good quality websites and have some good quality stuff I've grown tired of those places and have decided to look elsewhere! So I am going to share with you my findings here!

This website has some killer deals on shoes, you can get knock off Jeffery Campbell and others for a heck of a deal! If you're looking for shoes I would definitely check out this website.

2. (US shop)
This website has been a rager on YouTube recently and it has some really trendy pieces for OK prices, I feel like the pieces that come from this website are higher quality than the ones from Forever21 but the prices are still on the inexpensive side.

I just recently discovered this website and it looks like it could be a good deal, right now it's 50% off your first order and 30% off the new stuff added daily. This looks more like a trend type store and some of the prices are not budget friendly(inmyopinion) but with that 50% off your order could make it very wallet friendly!

This website has again lots of trendy pieces for around 20 dollars. They are introducing their fall jeans right now and they are really great prices around 20-30 dollars per pair of jeans. The only problem I seem to have with the website is the pictures they take. It seems they stick the shirt or item on a mannequin an then they edit the mannequin out and to me that's not visually appealing.

5. - Body Central
I discovered them because they randomly sent me a catalog in the mail and their prices seemed really good for what they have. They also have a really good selection of shoes and accessories for good prices as well.  Right now you can take 10 off of 75 through August 15th by using the coupon code TAKE10AUG

This website may not be a surprise to you, it has been pretty popular in the past. Again it's a more trend oriented store and which means the pieces may not be of the highest quality but they are not going to charge you outrageous prices for them either. Their shoe collection is absolutely amazing! They have really on trend shoes and really nice shoes as well. Lot's of high-low items on this website if that's your trend that you like!

This website is pretty cool because they have an option to shop by trend. Their clothes are more on the expensive side but they also have some inexpensive items, and if you shop the sale section its not as bad! They do usually have a pretty good selection on the sale items as well.

8. - Heavenly Couture
On the front page it says everything is 15 or less dollars except for there Romeo and Juliet collection and it seems like they have pretty good selection of items. I have not personally purchased from this website and if you have please leave your experience down below because it looks really interesting the times I've gone to the website.

9. - A'Gaci
Shopping on this website is easy, self explanatory, and very appealing. The prices are also very reasonable for the items shown.

Majority of the items on this website is below $20 which I think is an absolute steal in this market. I have never shopped from this website either so if you have, leave your experience down below!

I hope you enjoyed this list and maybe you can get yourself some good stuff for school or just for yourself(I know I do!)



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