Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Formula 10.0.6 Keep Me Clean Facial Wipes

Hey adventurers! Today we have another review, this time of my favorite facial wipes! If you watch me on YouTube you'd be very familiar with these, I mentioned these a lot on my channel. I love these wipes, they take the makeup off with ease! It comes with 25 wipes and a price tag of around 5 dollars. I'm not sure where to find these because I get them from the NEX and I haven't seen the brand anywhere else as far as I remember right now. (Target MIGHT have the brand, but I'm not 100% on that)

These wipes are super moist, they are probably the wettest wipes I've used ever, I do store them upside down, but they seem to just come more moist than others I've tried. When removing my makeup, it comes off with ease, I use one of these wipes and follow up with my MAC makeup remover--the name is escaping me right now-- and then my formula 10.0.6 facial cleanser and the MAC doesn't really get anything else more off but the facial cleanser will alway get more off.

I find that mascara is no problem with these wipes, I don't use any waterproof mascara so I can't put in my say on that but my regular mascara it comes off with no problem. Eyeshadow--one swipe and its gone. I love these wipes. Love them! If you have seen them in your area I highly recommend these!

I have repurchased them over and over again. I seriously recommend them.


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