Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Impression: Soap & Glory 'Clean On Me' body wash.

I stopped into Sephora recently and walked passed the Soap & Glory section to pick up another lotion and saw this; remembered that someone had mentioned that it was a really good moisturizing body wash and so I picked it up. It was only $5 so it wasn't that big of a gamble. This is the 3.4oz size so it's not the full size one, the full size is 16.2oz for $16. 

The scent is very fresh but it's strong. If you're not into very heavy scents then you may not like this. The smell itself is a floraly-fruity smell. I personally love the smell of it. It lingers on the body as well after the shower. 

The lather is okay, it's not great but it does lather well. You don't get tons of bubbles from it but its rather easy to lather up. Don't have to work that much to get a good response from it. 

This body wash is very moisturizing I don't feel like I have to immediately put lotion on after my shower when I use this body wash. Leaves the skin very very smooth and soft. 

I just went on a very muddy 4 mile hike and so I can say that it washes pretty well too, hah. I know that you would expect it too, but that mud was caked on and this cut right through it and so I was very impressed.

Repurchase? I may buy the full-size when I run through this little bottle, but I have a lot of other things to try out as well so it won't be immediate. 


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