Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motivation Wednesday #1

So I saw this on Pinterest today; and I really thought about it. This is about 95% true. Thinking that you can't do it or won't do it is all in your head. But the 5% is knowing when pushing your body any further is going to do more harm than good. You shouldn't just jump up one day and run 5 miles, take it slow, but push yourself. You know your limits, you'll know when something isn't right. But don't give up! You'll get stronger! Don't listen to your head saying you can't do it!

Also getting yourself off that couch or chair or bed; is mental. You won't do it if you're telling yourself you can just do it in an hour or tomorrow, that hour won't ever come. Get up and do something now!

Did you actually get up and do something?

Cause I did! :)

Hope you enjoyed today!


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