Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips for running during cold weather;

So I went out and I got some cold weather gear today and I thought that maybe some people would be just as unmotivated to get out in the weather as I was. So I put together a list of things that I find important when you go out this season. They are not in a particular order.

  • Keep your extremities warm, wear socks that help to keep your feet dry and warm, wear gloves, and wear a hat(for those ears! cold ears always discourage me from continuing.) 
  • Layer up. Not too much; don't get all bundled up because you're going to want to lose about half of it when you start running. Remember you warm up as you get moving. I generally wear three layers--tank top, shirt, and my running jacket, (really lightweight and has wicking materials), gloves, a hat, and long pants. 
  • Check tags if you go out and buy things. You want things that say wicking or something along the lines of "drags sweat away from the body." Because as you sweat the cold air is going to hit it and it gets very cold, very fast. 
  • Get your body moving before leaving the house. Getting your body warmed up before going helps with that first bite of cold air. 
  • Don't lower your water intake because you're not sweating as much. The same amount of water should be taken in as if it is spring and beautiful outside. Don't dehydrate! 
  • Pace yourself. The cold air coming into your body is harsh/different than the warmer air. If you can run 10 miles during spring, work your way up to those 10 miles. Take it slow.
  • Consider staying closer to home and running laps instead of doing a long haul. This is just incase it gets too crazy outside or because it gets dark sooner; it gets too dark for you to continue.
  • Since we're talking about dark running; make yourself visible. Wear reflective clothing and bright colors(i.e.. don't wear all black if running at night time.) Also, if it is dark outside avoid wearing headphones so you can listen to the environment--that one is especially for us ladies-- and stay alert
  • If it gets icy be aware of the current conditions and take it slow.
  • Keep at it and Keep motivated!

If worse comes to worse, you can always skip the outside and hit up the gym, but don't skip the workout! 

No excuses! 


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