How I got started;

If you're reading this, first of all, Thank you. 

Before I tell you how I started, let me tell you this. I know I am not fat. I know that some people may not understand why I am doing this. I am 5'10'' and I weigh 152160lbs. I do not have a 'goal weight'. I do not believe in 'goal weight' if I am being completely honest. I believe in getting to a point of which you have no hate for any part of your body. I am not saying I hate my body; because I don't. I love my body. This is the only one that I will have and I cherish it every single day. but I am not 100% happy with it and this is why I am doing this. 

I started about a year and a half ago right after my husband left for deployment. I had 6 months to do good for me and focus on only me. When he left I was about 143 pounds and I got down to 135 by the time he came home. That was six months of working up to running 2 miles a day 5-6 days a week, also doing 4 mile hikes on average of 2-3 times a month. I didn't change my diet and I had a full-time job to keep me busy. 

So you might be wondering, "wait, if you were 135, why are you now 152160" let me tell you. He got home from deployment and all that went out the window, I was so excited, I didn't run, we went out and had a lot of romantic dinners. and I lived with McDonalds, Taco Bell, Taco Del Mar, KFC, etc, literally every fast food chain restaurant within half a mile of my house. 

Then we left Hawaii, and once we spent some time with the fam in Washington State (shout out to all my Washington peeps out there!) we had to drive cross country to Virginia. I did no running at all in washington no type of physical activity and pair that with driving cross the country and here I am at 152. 

Problem areas: Obliques and Thighs.

Thats really where all my 'extra' weight is. 

My goal is to be 100% happy. I know that seems crazy, but I really don't think that's too much to ask for.

Now November 27th I will be driving cross country again but I will not let myself go again the way I have. I learned and moving on from it. 

That's my start to where I am now.


Nicole Elizabeth said...

HEY! From a fellow Washingtonian! I just came across your blog and I have to say, I think it is awesome that you are focusing on your health. Even though weight loss may come with that, that is not your main goal. You don't have to think of yourself as "fat" to start living healthier! It seems I am currently in the same boat as you....And I look forward to following your blog :-)

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