Monday, October 22, 2012

The past two months of the Ipsy bag.

Hey Adventurers! I've been so out of the 'beauty community' lately and so truthfully I didn't even open the bags until last night. I got the October one about a little over a week ago and September about a month before that. Yeah, I've had a lot going on. Anyways! Here's what I received in the September bag.

So here it is! The September Ipsy bag. The bag itself is a black bag with a handle that's not really a handle, I can't think of the word right now. It's so that you can just take the bag and wrap it on your wrist. It's a material where if you spill something on it, it's just going to run right off, so it's kid proof! hah. It has a gold zipper which accents the black really well.

The contents include:
Circus by Andrea's choice Nail polish in Tightrope- I like the color, but if the formula is anything like the yellow one I received the month before then this line is not for me. The formula flakes right off and yeah, I didn't like the yellow one. Hopefully this one is better.
Mirabella Eyeshadow in 36 Semiformal- It's a nice neutral brown shade with shimmer to it. It's not incredibly pigmented but it has potential. I don't like that it has no case to it, I'm going to have to buy something to put it in so that it doesn't get damaged.
Jane. Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink- It's just like it sounds, sparkly pink lip gloss. It's pigmented when swatched but really sticky, I'll try it out on the lips and we'll see how that goes.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Split end sealer- I was happy that it was something for the hair as I am a giant hair product junkie. It has a pump in the sample that was given and I'm really excited about it. I've never tried any Carol's Daughter products, so that's a plus as well.
London Soho New York Smudge Brush- So happy that they sent us a brush that wasn't their own. I always need new brushes so I'm so happy. The bristles are dense and really soft in the package. I'm going to see how this one holds up.

This is the latest Ipsy bag, the October bag. When I opened this I was really excited about this. It had things from brands I had heard of so I was stoked. The October bag is red white and black-obviously. All of the Ipsy bags though feel cheap, like I wouldn't reuse them for anything other than storing things in. This one included. I don't really like the bag itself.

The October bag included:
Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #9- It's a pale pink lip gloss, and it has that cheap lipstick smell to it. The packaging is super cute in my opinion and I love the packaging and the fact that it's lip bomb and not lip balm. When swatched it's super pigmented but I haven't worn this on the lips.
theBalm What's your type black mascara sample- I've never tried any of theBalm's mascara so this was exciting for me. theBalm products are not that easy to get your hands on. It's a bristle brush and it's a smaller brush than a lot of the brushes on the market right now in my opinion and I'm excited about it.
Couture Colour Pequi Oil treatment- More Hair stuff! It restores softness and shine. I've never heard of Pequi Oil but I guess I'll try it out. I'm not sure though... I'll get to it eventually aha!
Be a bombshell eyeliner in Onyx- It's a pen type eyeliner and it is the biggest pen type eyeliner I have literally ever seen! When swatched it's a nice black line, but it rubbed right off. So I am hoping that It has more potential, cause I like eyeliner, I just can't seem to get it right.
Coastal Scents eyeshadows set 6- It comes with four colors, peach puff, cherry chocolate, nude and white silver. I was very happy to see that these were the four colors that I got, because a lot of the other sets roaming around were not neutrals and very out there shades that I wouldn't get any use out of. But I will get use out of this! They're very nice neutral shades and I'm excited for the looks I can make with this!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear you,

I know I haven't been updating this very often. The reason is, my husband just left on deployment and my cat went missing around the same time. I've very heartbroken over both of these events and I just haven't had the heart into this blog. I hope that I can get into this again very shortly and I would really appreciate it if you'd just stick with me. And please, PLEASE send me prayers that my cat comes back home. I love her and I miss her very much. I just hope that she's okay. :(

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