Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elf Goodies. :)

Hey Guys! This is my recent stuff I picked up from E.L.F Cosmetics! I ordered late on the 9th of August and it arrived on the 15th, I paid 12 extra dollars for the 3 day shipping. I also had the 50% off studio coupon code.

These are the five hypershine Lipglosses that I purchased in the 5 box set. It included: Pink #1, Pink #2, Pink#4, Va Va Voom, and Berry Bliss you can't really see two of the swatches in the picture. The glosses are sticky but they taste good and give a little extra something to the look.

These are the two Luscious Liquid Lipsticks in Baby Lips and Nude pink. The one on the left is Baby lips, the one on the right is Nude Pink. They are very thick and give a nice coat of color. These and the Hypershine Lipglosses both have the turn bottoms.

Two Mineral lipsticks in Runway pink and Nicely nude. Nicely nude is on the right and runway pink is on the left. Each were 5 dollars on the website.

This quad came in a "Get the Look set: Beautiful Browns" they were very hard to swatch and do not really show up on my skintone. They aren't very pigmented, you really have to lay on the first two to get it to barely show up like it did in the picture.
This quad came in "Get the look: Dramatic eyes" set. The silver looks just like the matte white in the swatch, these colors are much more pigmented than the ones in the quad above.

Two Studio line Blushes in Candid Coral and Tickled Pink. Candid Coral is on the Left and Tickled Pink is on the right. The coral one didn't really show up in the swatch, but I just want to say that it's just my skintone. My hands are extremely dark compared to my face.

Four studio eyeshadows in (In this order in the pictures above) Saddle, Wild wheat(which did not show up on my skintone), Raspberry Truffle, and Sunset (which also did not show up on my skintone). Raspberry Truffle is VERY pigmented, this is one swipe from my fingers, VERY pigmented, so I'm going to need a very light hand with that one. Sunset is more orangy than wild wheat even though they kind of look similar in the picture above.

Studio Pressed powder in Buff, matches my skintone pretty much perfectly. It's showing up a little light in the picture, and it is very powdery.

Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Duo. The pink is a little light and I thought that the bronzer was going to be a little darker, but that's okay.
Two Essential eyeliners in Coffee and Black. These came in the "Get the look" sets. They're soft but not too soft, and they go on creamy. Very pigmented. Coffee is on top and the black is on the bottom.

Two Mascara's, I don't have much to say about these because I can't use them. They're not hypoallergenic.

A Under the eye concealer and highlighter in Light. They only have 3 colors and this is the middle one. The packaging isn't smooth, it's grippy. I haven't used it so I don't have much to say about it.

Two Matte lip colors one in Natural and the other in Coral. The coral one is on the bottom and the Natural one is on the top. The bottom colored section pops open to act as a sharpener.

All of the brushes I got. I picked up the 11 brush set, and essential Eyeshadow and blending brushes, and the "Get the Look" sets came with a smudge brush, so I have two of those.

The High Definition Powder.

And Two Eyelash curlers from the "Get the look" sets.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ugh, my poor eyelashes. :(

So with all of the mascara I've been using, my eyelashes have been falling out. So now I have to use hypoallergenic Mascara. I went out and bought the Almay one coat get up & grow mascara. I haven't tried it yet since it was extremely late in the day when I went to go get it. I picked it up at walmart for about $6. I will be sure to let you guys know what it's like.

If you have any hypoallergenic mascara that I need to try, or that works for you, PLEASE let me know because I'm hating the fact that I can't use my Revlon grow luscious anymore.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My First youtube video!

Check it out! Follow the link below!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eye Shadow's

Here is an indepth look at the eyeshadows I bought.
First is a Maybelline trio in Chocolate Mousse. The colors are not very pigmented, and are very neutral. They can make a good smokey eye if you really put some effort into it. The lightest would be the all over lid color, then the middle would be the crease, and the last in the outer corner, blend it all together and you have a smokey eye.
Here is the pigmentation of the Maybelline trio in Chocolate Mousse, The colors are lightest on the right and darkest on the left. The color in the middle you can't really see because of my skin pigmentation and on my eye it doesn't really show up either, I find the colors easily blendable.
A 1.99 palette at and that is why i decided to pick this one up, I had no hopes for them being very pigmented since I'm usually only into neutral eyes and usually don't use color, this would be for when I wanted that pop of color. It comes with 12 shadows. It is a Jasmine La Belle cosmetics brand.
The Jasmine La Belle cosmetics 12 shadow palatte comes with two pinks, two blues, a purple, a purple-ish brown, a brownish blue, a green, two light browns and two grey-ish colors. I find the color pay off just o.k for eyeshadow but great for 1.99.
Here's the swatches, following in the order of the palette. The dark pink, the two blues, and the dark grey color in the bottom corner, I found were the most pigmented colors, the others I had to work at to get to show up on my skin.
Next is a Covergirl trip in Shimmering sands, if you think you're seeing double, you're not. These colors are almost exactly the same as the Maybelline in Chocolate mousse, and I didn't realize that from the Ulta website. These colors have more shimmer in them though. I find that the color in the middle doesn't really show up if you put it on top of the lightest color, I can't seem to find it if it's been placed on top. The darkest color has no problem with pigmentation though.
Swatches from the above trio. The darkest color on the left has the highest color pay off, and the lightest follows suit next, I only have problems with the middle color in which I had to layer on top of to get to show up this well on my skin.
Next is a Maybelline eyestudio quad in Copper chic, these colors are super shimmery and as you can kind of tell have quite a bit of fall-out.
They are highly pigmented colors and I think they have the highest color pay off out of the entire lot that I bought. I personally love the middle two colors the most. When I bought this quad I thought that it would be much larger, but the quad is only about 2 1/2 - 3 inches wide. The colors are all shimmery colors, no matte which sometimes bothers me.
From the swatches above I think they all have great color pay off, as these are just one swipe swatches. I used the white for the all over lid color, and the 3rd for the crease and then the last for the outer corner, and that's the look I usually wear. But I have also used the white for a inner corner and brow bone highlight and then the other colors as the main look and I found that this white color to be just a tad bit too shimmery for my inner corner highlight.

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