Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube!

Hey guys!,
        I received my first Test tube and needless to say I am/was super excited about it, not only is this only around 40 dollars every season, it's totally worth it in my opinion! The picture above is everything that came inside my test tube. They even were nice enough to give three coupon codes so that if you buy from you can get money back (I don't think this is a gift card even though it says gift card on it, it's more of a coupon) This is one of those subscription services where you don't know what you're going to get every season, so you're putting the money in and then getting surprised. It came in a pink box with a New Beauty magazine and a booklet with all the products in it.
 A close up of the cards, it included a 10 off of 60, 25 off of 125 and 50 off of 200! Good for me I believe, I still have not gone to the website to see if I will use them, but they don't expire until 7/31/12 so I have some time to look and see.
Included in this test tube were: 
Mally Evercolor shadow stick in the color Platinum- Full size $25 Included worth: $25 
Neostrata Skin active Cellular Restoration- Full size $79 Included worth:  $2.26
Moroccan Oil Frizz control- Full size- $32 Included worth: $32
Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex- Full size- $28 Included worth $3.78
YBF Eye liner in Plum Noir- Full size $14.50 Included worth: $14.50
Memoire Liquide Lotion and two perfume samples- Full size perfumes- $95 Full size Lotion- $48 Included Perfumes worth- $2.76 x2 Lotion worth- $48
Skin Ceuticals SPF collection- Full size dropper- $146 Full size Cream- $32 
dr. brandt flexitone BB cream- Full size- $39 Included worth: $9.75
Perlier & Elariia Body cream- Full size-$24.50 Included worth: $24.50

I'm completely blown away that 5 of these items were full size, how generous is that?! I only paid I believe something like $38 dollars for a tube worth, are you ready?! $159.79 NOT including what the SPF Collection is worth because I didn't want to figure it out. THAT is completely worth it. As far as what the little magazine told me there are 5 full size items, I'm not completely sure if they are, BUT regardless, I find this tube VERY worth the money I paid for it. So I, am VERY happy with this season's Test tube! 

***The test tube itself is only $29.95, shipping was what brought it up to $38.90, but I live in Hawaii, so it costs more! ***

Interested in trying it out?

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