Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend talkin'

First I want to say oops on last week for the lack of posts. I started working finally. I was so exhausted when I got home every night. Getting your body back into standing for 8-9 hours a day is intense for a little while. 

This weekend started out like any other weekend. I had to drive back to work because I accidentally brought something home that I wasn't supposed too. Then me and the hubs went grocery shopping to get stuff for the chili we were making for the Superbowl. We went to the gas station and then we started heading home--I guess this is where you're going to get why I'm making a post about it-- when we were getting onto the interstate we heard a thunk and then the music stopped playing. At first we were like 'uhhh?' then I realized what it was. Anyone want to take a guess? Go ahead. Guess. 

Ready to find out if you were right? Well when the guy was loading the groceries into the car we were talking about Hawaii and I put my phone on the top of the car while I was listening to him. So then I got in the car and we drove to the gas station. Yup. It made it to the gas station. My husband pumped gas, and unbeknownst to us my phone is just sitting on the top of the car probably screaming "HELLOOOOOO.. aren't you going to notice me sitting up here?!"   Looking back, why didn't he notice it sitting up there?! (Sitting here today, I can still blame everyone else but me for it happening. haha) 

It was funny though because the music kind of kept cutting out, and I wanted to change the song but decided to just deal with it. If I had gone to change the song then I would of noticed something wasn't quite right. Anyways, enough of thinking of the what ifs. Point is I'm an idiot and left the phone on the car. 

So we were getting on the interstate and we heard it fly off, the music stopped and my heart sunk immediately as I looked in the side mirror and saw it flipping in the air.  I wanted to cry, how could I of been so stupid?! I begged my husband to go back for it because well it's my phone! I didn't want someone getting ahold of it if it had survived the road--it didn't but the point is still there-- So we did. We went back for it. I got out of the car and ran into the middle of the road to pick it up. If some of you reading are screaming at me telling me I'm stupid and I should of just left it--nope. couldn't leave it. Plus it wasn't exactly super busy so no cars were around. 

 Oh it was in pieces, it had definitely be ran over a few times, but I felt instantly better once I had it back in my possession. Of course I lost it when I called my mom to tell her I had no phone. It was just crazy. I couldn't believe it--still can't believe it. Later on that day we go to the Verizon store to buy me a new phone. We had bought the insurance! So a mere 5 dollars a month plus the 99 dollar deposit I got a new phone! Oh the relief when he told us that we had insurance. It was like a light bulb went off in our heads "Oh yeahhh!! I remember it now" We bought it originally for my husband when he goes out on the boat in case he drops it or loses it or something but nope. It was me! I was the one who needed it. 

OH and shoutout to Asurion and Verizon because we put the claim in on Saturday and I got my phone today! 

Now onto Sunday. 

Superbowl Sunday

With my Seahawks

and they beat the crap out of those broncos. 

We had a good sized get together with some friends--lots of alcohol and watched the game. My house had to of been the loudest on the block. We are huge Hawk fans. From that first snap, we knew. 

My husband and I are from Washington and have always been fans, even in 2006 when they went against the Steelers--but we don't talk about that game. We're just happy that after a great season that we just had, they were able to bring that trophy home. 


Superbowl 48 Champions. 


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