Sunday, April 1, 2012

First time use Review!

This is a first time use review, kind of like a first reaction of sorts. The three products I"m going to mention are: Garnier "The Brusher Gel cleaning formula", Noxema Clean Blemish control foaming wash, and Noxema Clean blemish control Daily scrub.

The first product I used was the Garnier Gel brusher, and the way it works is to unscrew the top, squeeze some out, then close the top and use the brush to massage and give a deep clean. I will say that you need less than you think, I squeezed out way too much at first. The smell is amazing and my skin felt so soft after using this. The bristles aren't too rough on the face, but around the area's where there is a lot of breakouts, it started to get a little sore after a while. I used this for a total of about 5 minutes, massaging the face with the bristles. The gel is clear.

Next I used the Daily scrub, this is not like any other scrub I have used. The texture is more gritty than coarse and I like that. The smell is bad, but not too bad for me to use. If you're thing is smells, than you probably wouldn't like it. This has a cooling feeling on the skin which took me by surprise at first. It's actually a really cold feeling, ice cold. I really enjoyed this scrub as it made my skin even more soft after the brusher. The main ingredient in both the Noxema products is Salicylic acid.

Lastly The foaming wash, one pump was enough for my face which I liked cause with the aveeno foaming wash that I used before I had to do 3 and always got too much. This also has a cooling feeling but not as much as the scrub. It lathered extremely well and felt amazing on the skin.

I have a lot of hope for these products as they made my skin feel so soft and I feel like I got a complete clean that I haven't felt before. I'm not kidding my skin feels absolutely amazing and I didn't even have to use mosturizer, so I don't feel like the skin was stripped of all the moisture. I love these products and probably won't use any of the other washes or scrubs because my face has never felt better.

Bottom line? Absolutely in love after day one.

I'll continue to update about these products and I will let you guys know how it treats my breakouts.



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