Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NARS Turkish Delight VS Victoria's Secret Innocent

So as many of you have probably heard the Victoria's Secret lip gloss in Innocent (rumored to be renamed 'Pink') is a dupe for NARS Turkish Delight. So I've been on the hunt for this lip gloss and found it in the 5 lip gloss set from Victoria's Secret. Now as you can see in the picture this is just a sample size of lip gloss and the size is very small. But the fullsize lip gloss is 14 dollars for Innocent (Pink) and the NARS is 24 dollars. 

 Above are the swatches on my hand, Innocent (Pink) is on the bottom, Turkish Delight on the top. Now Innocent was a heavier swatch which is why it's showing up more opaque. In certain lights (I had natural lighting, no artificial) Turkish delight comes across a deeper pink, but again only in certain lights. So I'd say that yes, Innocent (Pink) is a damn good dupe for Turkish Delight and if/when I find Pink at VS I will buy it and compare Pink and Innocent cause again, I've only heard it was renamed. If you know for a fact it was renamed please leave it below.
You may recognize this from my wishlist but I was walking buy the VS section at the NEX and it caught my eye and I wanted it so I picked it up. Included in this set are Innocent, Glow. Baby Doll, Elegance, and Wet. All contain shimmer but Wet (Farthest shade on the right) has a very faint shimmer and Elegance contains a lot as you can probably tell from the picture above. The size of them are very small which I was bummed about, but you would deff know if you liked the shade from this set, and that is what they are all about. and they are the perfect handbag size.

xoxo Alaina


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