Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hello Adventerers! I'm a little aggravated right now, I took tons of pictures of my birchbox (ie. opening it, each layer, how it's packaged) and I just checked right now and about 50% of the photos are corrupted soooo just deal with me, haha. I just literally deleted all the photos off my camera about 20 minutes ago because I usually check cause my iPhoto has been known to do that. Butttt I didn't check these. :( But anyways August's birchbox was "Beauty School Supply Kit" the box it came in was yellow this month instead of the usual pink and I guess they just took the extra bits that they had from the previous year and threw them into a box and named it Beauty school...

So here are the contents of my box, this was rumored to be one of the better boxes which I guess I'm glad about cause if you've been watching my youtube video's you'd know I kind of get the short end of the stick a bit. The items I got were the shick razor, a pixie lip color, a stretch silkening creme which is actually for your hair, a little sample of yu-be cream, and a sample of viva la juicy la flour--which in my opinion has the cutest bottle ever! The La Fleur doesn't really smell different to me because I own the full size of the regular viva la juicy and so I can say that. 

Overall I'm ehh about the box. I don't really expect much from Birchbox any more though. I'm debating about canceling it to be honest. What do you think? Should I cancel it? or no? Did you cancel your subscription? if so, why? if not, are you thinking about it?


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