Monday, March 18, 2013

It's bath time! (Lush!)

Hey Adventurers! I went shopping at lush here and picked up some stuff! Just wanted to show ya'll what I got! 

Bath Bombs:

Honey Bee: Warming Honey-Toffee hugs for a soothing soak and soft skin. That is the yellow and brown one near the bottom of the photo. 
Sakura: Delicate florals float around you, softly scenting your skin. Top row blue and red spots to the left of the carrot.
Butterball: Gorgeous vanilla bomb for softer, sweeter skin. To the left of the Honey trap lip balm
Ickle Baby bot: Lavender and chamomile sleep-inducing robot. The one that looks like a robot. Hah! :)
Tisty Tosty: If the beginning of new love had a scent, it would be this. Heart shaped with flower petals in it.

Bubble Bars:
Pop in the bath: Orange flower and bergamot, in a most delightful way. Blue base and pink flower!
French Kiss: Luxurious French-inspired bubble bath - c'est magnifique!
Carrot Top: The best-smelling ‘vegetable’ you’ll ever enjoy. This bubble bars smells fantastic. I'm serious, if you have a chance to smell it. Do so! and of course it looks like a carrot. :)

Bath Melts:
Ceridwens Cauldron: Mystical blend of nutritious oils for a skin-soothing soak. This one is the one in the top left corner with the mesh around it. Smells very fresh. 

 Also purchased: 
Bubblegum lip scrub
Honey trap Lip balm
Free Sample: Ice Blue soap!

*Note- I couldn't find the vanilla bath bomb on the website, so I don't have a description for it. 

All descriptions are from the website! 

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently? If so, leave what you purchased below! Further reviews on these products are in the works, just gotta take baths!! :p

Thanks for reading everyone! :) 


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