Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why I "cancelled" my monthly subscription boxes;

You may be wondering why cancelled is "". So I'll just come right out and say it, what actually happened was there was a fraud attempt on my credit card and so my bank sent me a new card and therefore the automatic payments stopped coming out of my account and therefore the boxes stopped coming. What this post should be called is "Why I couldn't be bothered to update my credit card information on my monthly subscription boxes" but that wouldn't exactly be the most uhm.. catching title, now would it?

But why didn't I update the information, you ask? Because what was coming to my door wasn't worth the money I was paying out. I was subscribed to Ipsy(myglam), birchbox, beauty army, test tube, and little black bag. If you add that up, that is $32 automatically a month, $30 a quarter, and $54.90 when I saw something that caught my eye on LBB. I know that it is my fault for signing up to all of the boxes, but they were so enticing at first; Who didn't want a box full of goodies showing up every month for only $10?

With Ipsy, I got a disappointment delivered to my door every month. They promised better and better products every month then there was the email that they sent out trying to get new people to join Ipsy and then they let out another email saying that what was promised in the first email is an OR product. I was over it that very moment. The samples were always teeny tiny. They were out to make a name for themselves with their own products instead of products from brands that were already out there, like their mission statement said.

With Birchbox, I got almost the same exact products in the box: a perfume sample, a pink sparkly lip gloss, a snack bar or a hair tie, and then one product that I had never heard of. Let's not forget the "beauty school" box they sent out which was actually boxes of left over things that they wanted to get rid of. Plus the shipping was horrendous, they took my money out on the first, I received my items maybe the 28th. There was several times that they had taken money out for the next box before I actually received the first box.

With Beauty Army, I kept getting the same samples on my home page that I had already received. I actually did like Beauty army though, the boxes came quick. They just didn't have a enough samples I thought. Three months in a row I skipped because they actually had the same 4 samples in the selection. I couldn't fill my box with 5-6 samples that I actually wanted to try. So this one I actually cancelled. I was disappointed with canceling though. It is the most promising monthly one that I had actually found.

New Beauty Test tube, I actually loved. I was just lazy with this one if I'm being honest. I loved it every single month that I had received it. It was the one box that constantly came with full sized samples in it. I would highly recommend this one if you're looking into just joining this type of thing.

LBB, I just didn't get on with from the beginning. If you watched me on YouTube then you saw the first video where I got the broken bracelet and then the second one with the disappointing replacement item. Yeah, I just never got along with them.

So all in all, I am happy with the extra money in my account and I still have an entire drawer filled with the samples that I never even opened.

I may subscribe back to TestTube though. I loved it.

This post if full of opinions, if you don't agree with me don't be nasty about it. Go ahead and nicely tell me why you don't agree below. If you do agree go ahead and tell me that too!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday, until next time Adventurers!


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