Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things I miss about Hawaii- PHOTO HEAVY

It's almost been a month since I moved away from Hawaii. I lived there for a reasonable amount of time. Got into a rhythm. It was the first place I had lived without my mom and with my husband so Hawaii was pretty big for me. I worked the entire time I lived there so I do miss that too especially my co workers and my friends. Those won't be pictured though. :) onto it!
These aren't in any particular order.

#1. The police officers there have a little blue light that they turn on when it's dark. That made it super easy to spot them at night time. In Washington they will hide in the pitch black dark to get you and in Hawaii they couldn't quite do that. I didn't drive around at night much but when I did it was nice. :)

#2. The Waterfalls: the island had tons of hidden and not so hidden waterfalls. 

They had little ones and big ones.
Every single one was different. 

#3 The Hikes: so many hikes so little time. Some were easier than others obviously. But they all were loads of fun and a lot of work. I loved seeing all views of the island.
A bright blue sky never hurt either!

#4 Aiea Loop Trail: this trail is highlighted because I did this trailed 3 times a month. It is 4.5 miles long  and  easy. There is two entrances, one on the bottom which is mostly uphill and one on the top which is mostly downhill. 3 areas to park. If you're going to do this going down hill I'd recommend parking in the middle lot so that you don't have to walk all the way up a giant hill once your exhausted from hike. You could park on the bottom but then you have to walk all the way up that giant hill to start your hike. I just parked in the middle only  have to walk up a little. I loved this trail, used to run it all the time. The views were great as well. 

#5 Kahuku Gril: this place is amazing. If you're ever in Oahu GO to this place. They have the best fish plate I've ever eaten in my life. I constantly crave it. Craving it right now actually. Seriously the best fish. It's on the North Shore kinda hidden but you could definitely google directions to it. They can get super busy at lunch and later in the evening though. Also they're not open on Sundays.

#6 Whatever this is. :p

#7 Having a home. I'll never take having a steady place where I can have all my animals together and all my furniture for granted again. It's stressful having to find people to watch the animals and finding apartments and hotels to look at. Rogue is a black lab cattle dog mix, Le'a is a hound mix, and Ratchet is the cat. Miss them all to pieces. 

#8 North Shore. Watching surfing, watching people jump off rocks and just enjoying that north shore sun. The waves get pretty big and rough sometimes so it's not always a swimming thing but it's beautiful over there. 

#9 The east side. So gorgeous over there. I used to drive just to sit and stare over on the east side it was a great adventure. 

#10 My old car. I used to drive a 2004 Dodge Neon and I absolutely loved it. I traded it in to get something that was safer and more fuel efficient but I still miss my little neon. I loved that damn car and I always will.

and I'm going to enter a random photo of me and my husband from our trip to the big island. 

I hope y'all are having a great Thursday! :D

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