Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nail of the day!

Wet 'n Wild's tickled pink & Sally Hanson Xtreme wear in Coral Reef. 

I used the Sally Hanson Vitasurge strengthener(I would NOT recommend this if you are going to paint your nails while using, it makes the nail polish slide right off the nails), Sally Hanson Salon effects gel base coat, and Sally Hanson Insta-dry topcoat(Love this stuff).

I find that these colors worked really well together and that they are bright and eye catching. I really enjoy these colors. They both are perfect for Summer. Coral Reef I used one heavy coat, and Tickled Pink I used two coats. They're a perfect combo! :D


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quickie Post: What I've been loving currently!

Willa Naturals Facial Cleansing Towelettes.

I received this in one of the birch boxes and just started trying it this month. I love these things. They are lavender scented so if you don't like lavender than I would stray away. Except that I hate lavender and I don't mind them, I guess it's just preference. They are pre-moistened towelettes and they get about 90% of my makeup off which I think is fantastic, none of my other wipes removed that much makeup. I love my Formula 10.0.6 wipes but these wipes are soft on the face and so nice. I honestly feel like they are lotion to my face! I always follow up my wipes with MAC's Charged water Cleanser anyway so it's good that I use less of the MAC and more of the wipes. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

MAC Fashion Sets Swatches!

Hey guys! I picked up a few things from the Fashion sets collection and I figured I would share them with you. I picked up two lip glasses and two lipsticks. Also (not from the collection) I picked up The Turquatic perfume (Which I love btw.)

The two lip glasses I got were Myth(Limited edition) and Girl about town(Also limited edition). The two lip sticks I got were Snob on the left and Girl about town on the far right. So in order it goes Snob, Girl about town, Myth, Girl about town. With the perfume in the back.

I was very surprised about the color the Snob turned out to be when swatched, It swatches a very bluish pink which I don't think it gives off in the tube. When I swatched it, I was like 'woah'. The Girl About Town lip glass is very(VERY) pigmented and I mean that. It's a very bright pink and when I wear it I feel very pale, But I feel like with some dramatic eyeliner it can be pulled off very well, I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it yesterday and it stayed like a champ, I actually had to take wipe it off at the end of the night, so I wore it about 8 hours and it still had color. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

I don't own the Myth lipstick (yet) but I love the color it swatched as, I picked these up yesterday and so I haven't gotten to wear them yet. I was so excited about Girl About Town though I had to wear it yesterday. It is a perfect nude, which is why it is one of MAC's most popular colors. Then the last swatch is the Girl About Lipstick. The lip glass is much more pigmented than the lipstick I find, but then again the lip glass is a thicker consistency so it should be more pigmented.

Those are my first impressions of the lip products! :)

Side note about the perfume, I find it doesn't last as long as I'd like so I reapply quite often. That is all!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sedona Lace Brushes!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let y'all in on a exciting purchase of mine, and that is the Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush kit. Above is the box that it came in, with it's Sedona Lace tape an everything. 

I opened it up and was greeted by bubble wrap, which entertained me for a good five minutes. I was happy to see that everything was so nicely packaged and taken care of!

Underneath the bubble wrap was what I was not expecting to find and that is a nice gift bag and a business card. I really appreciated the gesture and the type of 'handmade' esque that the bag gives off.

Inside the bag were the 4 brushes that I had purchased, with the plastic coverings and the sheaths that I will use when I wash them. I'm not too fond of the pink bristles but I bought them anyway because I was just interested in the general shape of them. It's nice!

Here's the brushes without the plastic on them.

The three brushes were the 602, 925, and 480. The 602 is the angled, 480 is the round top and 925 is the flat top. Then it also comes with the Kabuki Brush!

Now I would like to talk to you about how awesome Sedona Lace as a company is, I ordered these brushes on May 7th, I get an email two hours later saying they have been shipped and May 10th they arrive at my door, and all for $3.31! Now that is what I call awesome customer service. I am still shocked at the fact that it arrived so fast and to Hawaii! I usually have to wait about a week at least. I am very happy in that aspect.

As for the brushes themselves, I have not washed them yet but they are very soft to the touch, seem pretty dense and do not seem to scratch the face at all (I did a quick once over the face to know how they feel on the face, I did not use them today. Don't worry.)

This ends my very first blog post on my new MacBook Pro! My boo bought it for me for Military Spouse Appreciation day! :D


Monday, May 7, 2012

Subscription services that I am a member of!

I had someone ask me the other day which Monthly subscription  services I belong too, and I decided others might like to know as well. I'm don't have too many, but here they are:
1. Birchbox- 10 Dollars a month, get 4-5 samples every month to your door.
2. MyGlam- 10 Dollars a month, get 4-5 Deluxe sized samples every month
3. Little Black Bag- 54.90 a month, You choose one item, the 'stylists' choose another two to three items totalling over 100 dollars
4. New Beauty Test tube- 29.95 a month, you receive beauty samples every 3 months.
I am currently on the waiting list for:
1. Glossybox US
2. Beauty Army

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Fashion Wishlist!

This month I decided to add a little something to my blog and do a Fashion wishlist, I thought that it would be a fun idea even though I do a Makeup wishlist every month.

1. Uggs Woman Heirloom Lace up Boots. [Price: $170]- These boots may not be for everyone, but I think they are absolutely adorable. I love how they lace up in the back and they are a perfect shade of pink. I don't know how well they would work here in Hawaii, but I'd love to buy them and give them a go! :D

2. Wildfox Couture Pink Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper [Price: $108] This shirt is absolutely adorable, but I would worry about the excessive sparkle fallout that it warns about right on the page hah. But it is so freaking cute! I guess I'm really liking the baby pink color.
3. Garage Beach Blue Denim Shirt [Price $34.90] This shirt is just really adorable, I love the way that it's worn in the pic, and being here in hawaii, it would be a really cute 'jacket' to wear over the bathing suit on the way to and from the beach. I think it could also be just a regular good thing to wear to and from work. I just love it. (Picture credit goes to

4. Victoria's Secret Cut-out shoulder tee [Price 39.50]- Okay, so I might be a little biased because Adriana Lima is wearing it and she makes anything look good with that body. But I genuinely believe this would make an awesome shirt. My cut out shoulder shirt from Ross I really like the way it fits and the way it looks on me. So why not this one. I honestly must have this shirt! (Photo credit goes to
5. I don't have a particular brand but a pair of torn up jeans, and I know it's tacky,  but sometimes with some tan legs, I think they're really sexy and a nice pair of heels. It is a winning combo for sure!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Makeup Wishlist!

I put myself on a 'no makeup buying' streak until I use up completely one thing in my collection, which is going to be hard because almost everything is brand new. But I think that this is going to be good for me and my wallet. But that hasn't stopped me from lusting over things!

1. Maybelline Spring highlighters- I saw this first on Amarixe's haul video and I've been on the search for it ever since, but I can't find it anywhere. I have checked both Target's and the NEX and they don't have any new Maybelline stuff at all. But I'll check back in about two weeks, I hear Hawaii's a late state with stuff like that. The thing is though, it's not even on the Maybelline website so I don't know where I could find it. :/ (No picture because I simply cannot find a stock picture)

2. The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer- Everyone who's anyone has been raving about this product and I really want to try it. I've seen the swatches and it just looks like it would give the perfect amount of shimmer right on that cheek bone giving you that sun kissed look.

3.  Sleek blush in Flamingo- This color is bright pink and amazing, and I've always wanted to try Sleek products since they are mainly sold in the UK. I know that they are highly rated products and would love to have one or two in my collection! But this color stands out to me so much and I am a blush girl! (No picture of this one because all of the pictures are from other blogs and I will not be using other bloggers content)

That is all this month. It's been a crazy month from me, having a birthday, taking my acrylics off (I cannot believe I still did that), and telling myself no makeup. But April was a good month. :D See you next month for the Next addition!

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