Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Lush bath: A French Kiss.

Hey guys!
 A little while ago I showed you what I purchased from LUSH and I used one of the bubble bars recently. 
This little guys name is 'A French Kiss'. Quoted directly from their website: There are a few ways one can French kiss. At LUSH we like to keep it clean by French Kiss-ing in a luxurious bubble bath. (If you like it Dirty we suggest you have a shower.) The fresh herbal fragrances of lavender, rosemary and thyme with essential oils from the hills of sun-soaked Provence go into our swirly love letter inspired by the warmth and beauty of the French countryside. It's even topped with a sprig of lavender. Lay back and relax into serene purple waters and soak up all of its relaxing benefits. On the website it looks more purple but the one that I bought in the store was more of a pink. 

On to the actual bath-taking; I always fill my tub with water half way and then drop the bubble bar into the water, then crumble it and add more water. It just seems to make more sense to me that way.  

  1. Bathtub halfway filled with water--nothing special here.
  2. Dropped a french kiss into the water--ha, sounded kind of cute just then!-- and let it soak
  3. These were the bubble created after turning on the water, without crumbling the bubble bar
  4. Crumbled the bubble bar, I almost didn't because it was cool to watch all the bubbles come out of their own little spaces of the bubble bar. 
  5. The bubbles are escaping at much higher rates after it's crumbled.
  6. This was about the most bubbles I got out of the thing. Probably if I had run it under the water as the water was coming out, instead of it being on the bottom of the tub, I would of gotten more bubbles.
What didn't really get shown in the pictures was the color that the water turned, it was a very deep pink. In the description it says purple but I didn't have a purple bar, I had a pink one. It took a while for the color to show up, it didn't exactly take over the water immediately. 

The smell was mainly lavender. I also had my Aloha Vanilla candle burning so I was mainly smelling that! nice and relaxing candle. 

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Elena said...

i love lush products for my bath. they make my skin feel very soft and i loved every single product i tried out. the dragons egg is my favourite.

Anastacia said...

The "A French Kiss" looks very unique! What a nice and relaxing bath time!

Thank you very much for your sweet comment :)

Alaina Kay said...

I'll have to try that one! Thanks for stopping by!

Alaina Kay said...

It was indeed! Thank you!

Stephanie C. said...

Shoot, Lush is seriously so tempting to me. I'm (sort of) glad our tub doesn't currently have a drain stopper, otherwise I'd go nuts over these bath bombs/bars! This one looks cute- love the "dropped a french kiss into the water" line. ;)

Alaina Kay said...

Thanks! haha. I thought it was cute.

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