Saturday, April 6, 2013

Love of the moment: B&BW Aromatherapy SLEEP Body wash

Hey guys! I picked this up awhile ago when B&BW was doing their spring reset so they marked down a lot of their product. This bad boy was only 5 dollars so I was all over it. It's from their Aromatherapy line and it's called: Sleep Black Chamomile. The bottles description is: This renewing body was contains bamboo charcoal extract to help detoxify before sleep while an aromatherapy blend of essential oils helps you sleep well. I love the packaging on all the aromatherapy products in B&BW because the bottles are clear and whatever color you see is the actual product. Sleep is actually a shimmery black body wash that smells absolutely amazing. The smell is very calming and it's not too in your face. It definitely smells of chamomile. The scent doesn't linger too long on your skin, it's not harsh at all, and makes my skin soft. 

I hope that they bring these products back this year as I will definitely be getting more if they do! Even for the 13 dollar price tag on the bottom of this bottle. I love this stuff!

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Gemma Etc. said...

Wow this sounds heavenly.. I wish we had Bath & Body Works here in the UK :( xox
Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

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