Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whoops! ;)

Whoopsie! I went a little crazy in the mall over the past week. I have been feeling a little down, and I guess that I went shopping to compensate; BUT I scored some really good things. 

NOT PICTURED: Decided they would probably be viewed as inappropriate to some readers, and they may just be plain boring to others. 

Gilly Hicks: 
3 Bras, ironically red, white, and blue. All three were 50% off.
7 pairs of underwear. 7 for 26--SCORE! hah.

American Eagle:
Plain T in a coral color. 
3 pairs of boxers for my husband.

 I went to Victoria's Secret twice and shopped the sale rack. I found these gorgeous yoga pants for about half off. The studded pair was originally 80 dollars and I got them for 29.99. Victoria's secret has  amazing yoga pants. But in my opinion they aren't worth the sticker price. 


Sit tight intense XS
Clean on my body wash
Benefit's Fake up concealer

Also they saw it was my birthday soon and gave me the yearly birthday gift which was Benefit's They're Real mascara and Watts up highlighter. 


Dainty Mineralize blush
Melba Blush
Silly Lipstick
MAC's 109 blush brush 
MAC's 224 Crease brush

Those black studded sneakers were on sale for 54.98
White purse which resembles a bag I had seen somewhere else, but I can't quite place my finger on it.

Runners HI:
I got some new kicks for running. I'll probably make a blog post all about it later on this week. So look forward to that if you're into that kind of things. I had went on a run earlier that morning so they are dirty unfortunately in the photo. Sorry. :( 

Those are the things I picked up recently. I hope you enjoyed! 

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