Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Running Shoes: Mizuno Wave Precision 13.

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After my horrible experience with the Nike Free's, I decided I was not going to choose Nike again. Read about my experience here. The shoes I decided on were the Mizuno Wave Precision 13. 
It wouldn't be correct to compare them to the Nike Free's because they are completely different shoes, everything about them is different except that they were both purple. The Mizuno's were about $100. I purchased them in the beginning of the year. I do not know the exact time frame.

Support: These shoes have quite a bit of support. There is a real weight to them, not so much as they drag you down. 

Breathability: Very very breathable, the weight of the shoe comes from the bottom of the shoe. 80% of this shoe is mesh; but I have run in muddy environments and the mud doesn't seep right through it has some protection. 

Colors: Some variety. At the place I went they only had this color for my size (9 1/2) but I liked the contrast from the purple to the teal. 

Use: I wasn't exactly sure what to call this category, but I've used them for probably 200 miles throughout the passed 11 months and they still have a great amount of cushion and support left. 

I would definitely recommend this shoe to anyone if they're looking for a nice shoe to get you started! 

Do you have a good shoe that you swear by? I'd love to hear about them below! 


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