Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8th;

This was today's workout. and also the first time I used my polar FT7. I bought it a month ago off of amazon but I busted my knee at work and so I haven't been able to do any type of cardio/legs really, all I could do was arms. Anyways, I jogged around my neighborhood I did 2.46 miles. Kind of slow, but I decided that slow was better instead of reinjuring my knee.

I was shocked at the difference in calorie counts between the two. I'm going to trust the heart rate monitor more(obviously) but I was still surprised.

It was very cold out this morning and I am also getting over being a little sick, so it was really difficult for me. Plus paying attention to my legs and knees. It's all about listening to your body. I've had bad problems with shin splints so I do a serious build-up and always stretch. Stretching is super important too.

Have any tips on Shin Splints? I'd love to hear some.


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