Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turkey Taco Thursday!

So usually my husband and I will get a pound of each ground turkey and ground beef, half them and then mix them together. It's our way of lessening the fat more even though we buy 97% ground beef, it's a little healthier to mix the turkey. This is not a half turkey/half ground beef taco. It's a 100% turkey taco. 


One medium sized tomato (I took the seeds out)
One handful of kale
Three big leaves of spinach 
Half a pound ground beef
Half a jalapeño (no seeds)
Your favorite taco seasoning ( I use McCormick ) 
Two tortillas


Brown the meat, while the meat is browning I took this time to cut the tomatoes, spinach, kale and Jalapeño. After the meat is done browning add the taco seasoning and a little water. I used the time it takes to simmer with the seasoning to warm the Tortillas in the microwave. 30 seconds in the microwave with paper towel on top. Then all you gotta do is piece it together. 

I tasted it without any sour cream or sauce and it was delicious so I didn't add any. I ate it just like it is in the picture. I had two of course. I estimate the calorie count to be around 250-300 per taco. The tortilla alone is 120 but everything else after that is pretty low calorie. I didn't use all of the meat that was made so I probably ate about 1/4 of a pound of ground beef in the two tacos. 

Side note about Kale: This shit is delicious. I went to the store today to get my weekly produce and I picked it up for the first time since I have been seeing it everywhere in all sorts of recipes and holy moly, it's delicious. Tummy is happy. :) 


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