Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Motivational Wednesday/ Personal Struggle

When I looked through my collection of motivational photos on my computer this morning I stumbled across this one. Since I've been having such a hard time with the motivation, I almost didn't want to do a motivational Wednesday this week because it didn't feel right; then I realized that's even more of a reason to do it. I need the motivation this week. I need the pick me up. I need to know that I'll make it through this; and no, it's not easy. 

I've never hit a wall like this before over the years that I've been trying to better my health. I think that getting over this--or through it-- will mark that I have changed as a person into a better one. I won't give up and I can't give up. I'm not quitting this time. 

It hasn't been easy. Especially not lately. I know this post isn't like the usual motivational Wednesday's. The thing is is that I haven't been doing too much too fast or anything. I think I'm just getting discouraged because I'm not seeing results and in fact I've gained 8 pounds--and I'm sure it's not in a good way ie. not muscle mass-- so I'm not doing something right. I'll stick with it, I know I will. 

I just gotta keep going. If you read my post yesterday, you know that I've been telling myself 'just give it a half hour, get up and do something for a half hour' That usually gets me through the workout. I'm trying to say that even though I am discouraged, I haven't given up. I haven't stopped working out. I haven't stopped trying, and that's what it's all about.

I'm sorry that this wasn't very motivational, I hope that you approve of my honesty. Let me know how you stay motivated, please.


London Loafers said...

What a lovely post! Personally I thought it was VERY motivational :) it's nice to hear about people struggles to stay motivated rather than the oh-so-bubbly usual crap!


Alaina Kayy said...

Thank you London Loafers/ Hayfa. I really appreciate you saying that. :)

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