Friday, January 24, 2014

Do not aim to be a skinny you, aim to be the best you.

Why would you want to be just skinny? When you are losing weight your goal should be to be healthy. Healthy is not the same as skinny. Before someone jumps down my throat here, if you are losing weight you would not be naturally skinny. Naturally skinny people should--in my opinion--also lift weights, gain muscle mass, and eat healthy. If you're naturally skinny, good for you! I was you at one point. Up until the age of 19, I weighed 125-130 pounds on my 5'10'' frame. I had that nice thigh gap that everyone wanted and frankly, I don't want to go back. Now I weigh 160 pounds, no thigh gap, and I want to be healthier. Hell, if I get healthy and I don't lose any weight, or get my thigh gap back, great! I just want to have healthy habits. 

So why should you join me in my goal to become healthy instead of skinny? Well, why not? Why would you want to do all this work and not have anything to show for it--except the weight loss. Healthy also doesn't mean big and bulky muscles. Everyone has their own version of healthy. My healthy may not be healthy for you. Everyone's body is different. The fact that people even say " I want to be skinny " makes me mad because you shouldn't. Skinny isn't always healthy. Root for your health, not just being skinny.

Maybe I should tell you guys my definition of healthy for myself. Reading this post back it may be a little confusing for someone. My vision of healthy for myself is to have a good amount of muscle on my body. I want to tone my body. I'm not overweight. I do not have a goal weight frankly because I am not overweight. I want to be healthier and if I lose weight in the process, well that's okay, and if I gain weight cool. Being healthy is eating better and introducing workouts into your daily routine. 

Bottom line here, is aim to be the best you, that you can be. Not just a skinny you.

What's your version of healthy? Is it quitting smoking? (good for you if it is, cause that is a 100% healthy decision) Is it laying back on the alcohol? Working out three days a week? What? Tell meeee! I want to knoooowww! :)


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