Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Favorites

 It's that time again! End of the month and that means it's favorites time! As you may or may not know May--ha, get it?-- was a very exciting month for me. My husband came home from Deployment and we had our second anniversary. I was very busy had in-laws that came in and had to get back into the swing of things. I have 6 things this month as my favorites, not too many because I wasn't really dipping into the collection much. The first two are:

MAC's blush in Melba $20: This was a every single day blush for me, if I wore blush any day this month it was this one. I love the kind of orange tint that it has to it and I just think it looks amazing on the skin. I've gotten quite a tan these few weeks and I find that this just enhances it. I haven't ever just worn one blush for an entire mont but I happened to do it. That's just how much I loved it! 

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush $29: I know it says blush but I use it as a highlight. I can't imagine this actually working as a blush, maybe if you're very very light it may show up, but anyways I love the rosy sheen that this gives to the cheeks and wherever else you highlight. I used it one morning as a inner corner eyelid highlight and bayum--that made all the difference it was amazing. All of my other highlights are very white and this one is nice and pinky with enough sheen to work as a highlight. 

Paul Mitchell's Skinny Serum: This is a must have for me, if you have curly hair I would highly suggest trying this. It makes my hair so soft and manageable and if you straighten it later on that day after it dries your hair is unimaginably soft. I swear by this stuff. It can be a little sticky on the hands though.  I'm not sure how much it retails for only because I bought mine at the NEX and it's discounted there since it's a military thing. 

Living proof. Nourishing styling cream $26-36: I got this as a sample in one of my Glam bags, back when it was myGlam and not ipsy. This here is a 2oz size. The 4oz size is $26 and the 8ox size is $36. It's part of the 'No Frizz' line that living proof has. It does wonders for my curls and the frizz level that my hair has. My hair is very frizzy on the right and wrong type of days and it's very unmanagable sometimes. but this helps that fight. It helps maintain the frizz. I apply this to towel dry hair. 

Benefit Fake Up concealer $24: I also got this at the NEX so I got it for about $20 instead of 24. I posted this in one of my wish lists and it really did stand up to my expectations of the other benefit concealers. My shade is 02 Medium. I don't like how it only comes in 3 shades I feel like it does have a very limited group of people that can be used on. But it has a balm on the outside and concealer on the inside of the tube. I like the balm aspect  because it keeps the under-eye moisturized and I feel as though it helps the bags become less prominent in the morning. It's not sticky and a little goes a long way. It does crease though on me. 

Suave Smoothing lotion with Cocoa butter and shea $3: This is probably the best lotion I have ever tried. It is very moisturizing and it's not greasy at all. This stuff rocks. It makes my hands feel very soft and it lasts for hours so I'm not applying it every 20-30 minutes. I bought it about a week ago and I'm about halfway through the tube but I am a lotion fiend. I use it probably about 3-4 maybe even 5 times a day. I love putting lotion on. The scent is amazing as well, it's not too strong and it's very fresh. 

Those were my favorites for the month of May I hope you guys enjoyed!


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