Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Missing my babies

Have you ever run a busy household and then suddenly it all stop? That's how I feel right now,  and have been feeling for the passed few months. I saw the original post on instagram--which was a repost-- and all the sudden it hit me. I miss my babies. I have three pets. Have any of you lived with three pets? I bet some of you have. I have two large dogs---Rogue, a seven year old black lab mix and Le'a, a 2 year old hound mix-- and a cat-- Ratchet, she's two--. I was living where something is always going on.

Okay. Let me throw a disclaimer in here, I don't have kids, but yea I understand that it would be more difficult with kids. But right now, these are my kids.

I've been without them since July 16th, when we drove to Virginia. We left them with family so they are being taking care of, but I miss them. Missing that greeting at the front door, or --I never thought I'd say this-- but the rushing home after work to make sure the dogs go out to do their business.  I miss not being able to do whatever I wanted because I got dogs at home who wouldn't last 9+ hours without me. I just miss them. Their energy and being an everlasting animal lover, its super hard to live without animals.

And, they're super cute.

Ever feel like that?


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