Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15th.

Today with the help of Cassey Ho--Blogilates-- I did Obliques, Abs, and Arms(links to the videos will be at the end of this post.) I had a hard time getting a clear picture because my arms were shaking so bad haha. She was using 5 pound weights and I was using 10 pounders. I should of got my 5 pound weights but I was already into it so I just did it with my 10's.

Total time: with 2 pauses because of switching video's and her intro's(those are not included in the time) 44:24
Exercise zones: Fatburn- 39:22 Fitness-4:50
Calories burned: 297
Heartrate(bpm): Average-126 Goal-148 Max-168

Her workouts always get me super sweaty and they are super tough. I love her though because she is really chipper and she knows just when I think I can't do anymore, she throws in a "don't you stop now, I see you stoppin! Keep going"

The Polar FT7, I'm still getting used too. Today was the first time that I scrolled through the workout summary and I found all of that other stuff. I love it so far and it gives me the most accurate calorie count I think. It may not be the exact but it's a lot better than say an exercise machine.

The workouts I did today were:

Bikini Blaster 5: Muffintopless
Victoria' Secret: Arms
Victoria's Secret: Abs


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