Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm moving!

Hey guys!! I'm moving! Right now as you read this, I'm somewhere in the country without any internet access. We're going to be tackling about 3000 miles in just a few days. Then we'll be settled in a hotel and I'll start posting again from there! Exciting part is new home interior posts. I'm a huge interior design buff. Are you excited? I'm excited.

Follow my instagram--linked on top. For pictures of my journey. Also they will be uploaded to my Twitter as well-- also linked on top. 

See you soon guys!! 

Picture used in this post is the view from my apartment. Lovely fall view. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Motivation Wednesday #2

This one is special to me because it was what got me outside everyday when I lived in Hawaii. I printed it and posted it on the wall right next to my bed. It's true every time you push your body it is worth it. Every line in this I cannot disagree with. All you gotta do is just keep at it. It's not easy nor is it a quick fix. It requires dedication and motivation. But do it for you. Nobody else.

See you guys next time!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

December Wishlist!

Links for all items pictured will be at the bottom of this post. 

I've been drooling over a nice pair of boots, all these people I see have these great boots. My big thing is I'm 5'10" and I don't feel the need to be any taller. Most boots on say JustFab, they all have a pretty big heel on them, the ones that I would like anyway. I'm not that much into heels I want a nice pair of flat boots. I found three that I really like two at h&m and one at Guess. The ones from Guess are a nice pair of combat boots, and what girl doesn't need a good pair of combat boots? Listed on they are $129, but I also found them at Macy's for $99. The other two pair of boots are from h&m and they're the same boot, just different colors. These are a more casual pair of boots. Listed for $69.50 These are also knee high, and the combat boots are a little above the ankle.

The next item is a scarf, it's a tube scarf. But I honestly just really like the print it's a nice delicate little floral. Really feminine scarf and I love it and it's only $2.95.

OCC lip tar value set from Sephora. It contains 5 different colors of lip tars. Colors are as listed from Sephora: Vintage (deep burgundy), Stalker (true blue based red), Melange (terracotta neutral), Grandma (classic coral), Ophelia (basic ladylike pink). Of course I've heard all the hype on the lip tars and I have one in my collection, but I'm not a fan of the color. This would be a good variety to start out with. $49

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips for running during cold weather;

So I went out and I got some cold weather gear today and I thought that maybe some people would be just as unmotivated to get out in the weather as I was. So I put together a list of things that I find important when you go out this season. They are not in a particular order.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motivation Wednesday #1

So I saw this on Pinterest today; and I really thought about it. This is about 95% true. Thinking that you can't do it or won't do it is all in your head. But the 5% is knowing when pushing your body any further is going to do more harm than good. You shouldn't just jump up one day and run 5 miles, take it slow, but push yourself. You know your limits, you'll know when something isn't right. But don't give up! You'll get stronger! Don't listen to your head saying you can't do it!

Also getting yourself off that couch or chair or bed; is mental. You won't do it if you're telling yourself you can just do it in an hour or tomorrow, that hour won't ever come. Get up and do something now!

Did you actually get up and do something?

Cause I did! :)

Hope you enjoyed today!

Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15th.

Today with the help of Cassey Ho--Blogilates-- I did Obliques, Abs, and Arms(links to the videos will be at the end of this post.) I had a hard time getting a clear picture because my arms were shaking so bad haha. She was using 5 pound weights and I was using 10 pounders. I should of got my 5 pound weights but I was already into it so I just did it with my 10's.

First Impression: Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

I picked this mascara up months ago, and never even opened the package until about a week ago. Then this morning I decided to actually use it--ha, anyone else have this problem? buying things then not using them forever??-- and do a first impression on it. I haven't used many different kinds of mascara, I usually just stick to my favorites and not branch out in anyway--I used Benefit's They're real for 6 months straight for example-- but I really liked the packaging. I hadn't heard anything about it and was in a buying mood so I just bought it. I believe it was around 8 dollars.  Anyways, 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Missing my babies

Have you ever run a busy household and then suddenly it all stop? That's how I feel right now,  and have been feeling for the passed few months. I saw the original post on instagram--which was a repost-- and all the sudden it hit me. I miss my babies. I have three pets. Have any of you lived with three pets? I bet some of you have. I have two large dogs---Rogue, a seven year old black lab mix and Le'a, a 2 year old hound mix-- and a cat-- Ratchet, she's two--. I was living where something is always going on.

Okay. Let me throw a disclaimer in here, I don't have kids, but yea I understand that it would be more difficult with kids. But right now, these are my kids.

I've been without them since July 16th, when we drove to Virginia. We left them with family so they are being taking care of, but I miss them. Missing that greeting at the front door, or --I never thought I'd say this-- but the rushing home after work to make sure the dogs go out to do their business.  I miss not being able to do whatever I wanted because I got dogs at home who wouldn't last 9+ hours without me. I just miss them. Their energy and being an everlasting animal lover, its super hard to live without animals.

And, they're super cute.

Ever feel like that?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Running Shoes: Mizuno Wave Precision 13.

All images used in this blog post are from Google, they're not mine.

After my horrible experience with the Nike Free's, I decided I was not going to choose Nike again. Read about my experience here. The shoes I decided on were the Mizuno Wave Precision 13. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8th;

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