Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I landed an interview and then landed a job.

I have probably applied to at least 100 places since I moved to Cali a month and a half ago. I have heard back from 4 by email saying something along the lines of "we appreciate you taking the time out to apply, but unfortunately you suck and you won't be getting the job" I'm just kidding, companies would never say that; but it's kind of how it feels to be rejected by email, youknow? I mean, I appreciate it completely because then I know not to hold my breath about that job, but it still kind of sucks. I also applied for companies that I have worked for before and they were the ones to call for an interview--of course-- and hell yeah because I know how to do that job and that's easier for me. I interviewed at one and the shift wouldn't work for me, but they really wanted me to apply for the part-time position, I'm not looking for part-time. The second person called me on Friday, had an interview yesterday, and they told me today that I got the job! I go in tomorrow for all the paperwork and stuff, but I am now feeling a little bit better about myself. 

I really needed a pick me up. Honestly, I really did. 

I'm not one to let my husband handle all the bills and right now we are drowning in them, this blog will not suffer because I have discovered Bloglovin'--details on that in another post-- and now that I don't have to write about only one thing I feel more into it and I love writing. I'm getting positive feedback on my blog and even though it's small, I still love it. I'm feeling like I can go places with it and connect with people. Anyway, I digress. I have a job now and I'm really happy about it. I don't know when I start yet, BUT I can still be happy about it! :) and besides getting out of this house for a few hours a day would be a breath of fresh air.

Things my new supervisors said about me that told them they needed me:

-High energy
-Great attitude
-Positive attitude
-I talked highly about my strengths, but did not hide my weaknesses
-I love to talk, straight up love to talk.



Congratulations on the interview AND job!

Alaina Kayy said...

Thank you!

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