Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Birch Aquarium- San Diego, CA

Hey guys! Since I just moved here, I wanted to explore the area and see some of the must see's of San Diego. Of course the famous ones are the San Diego Zoo and Sea world; but the admission prices (Zoo-$44 each and Sea World-$88 each) are just out of our price range right now with all the moving expenses so I found this Aquarium online and decided hey! it's kind of like a zoo right?--no? okay then...-- Admission was a much better $17 a person and on a Tuesday morning (we went at 10am) it was pretty much empty.

The Aquarium portion of the place in itself was pretty small. It was a long u shaped hallway; but it had a lot of tanks inside with a lot of different fish/coral/organisms. Then there was another portion of the Aquarium which was a learning portion, it had a tide pool where you could touch the sea life that you could reach, also lots of interactive displays where you had to physically do something to see how it worked--ex. spinning a wheel to get two different type of light bulbs to light up. Overall it was nice. It took us about an hour to get through the entire thing.

I'm going to do another blog posts on just the Jellyfish portion because it was pretty cool. I'll link to that one here. 

I had a lot of fun there seeing all the different types of fish and even got to see some small sharks and stingrays which were pretty cool--the pictures didn't turn out so well-- so I enjoyed myself!

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it's nowhere near fitness, or beauty. but hey, it's my life right now. Hope y'all enjoy!


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