Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Motivational Wednesday #5 & December 18th LEG DAY;

Since another year is coming to an end, many many thousands of people are going to wish to get fit, lose weight, eat healthy, etc. for their New Year resolution. Of course, only a few people will actually stick with it and do it. Now, a lot of people fall of the bandwagon because either they believe it will happen in one day or they start too drastically(i.e.. going out and running 5 miles in one day, completely cutting out caffeine) and so they quit.

Everything is a work in progress, but this quote says a few things: think about what you eat, work for what you've always wanted, you have control over your own body. Generally food that I crave, like McDonalds, will make me feel really crappy soon after I eat it. But when I crave a salad it never makes me feel bad after I eat it and that was a realization that I had to make on my own; and I do still eat McDonalds every once in a while because their fries are just so good. It's just not nearly as much as I used too.

Also junk food is just fluff calories, not good calories, not filling calories.

Today was dreaded leg day; and since that is my number one problem area I love to hate leg day. I chose to workout with blogilates again because it's just easy access for me plus her spirit and her doing it with me, keeps me going. I did Bikini Blaster 2 part 1 and the calf raises of part 2(I can never get the magazine thing to work for me so I just skip it.) and skinny leggings workout--both video's will be linked down at the bottom.

I did the skinny leggings workout first because I knew that the bikini blaster is difficult and I would do that last. I have a bad knee so I always watch all the bending with my right leg. That might be the reason as to why my left leg is stronger. I did pretty well if I say so myself, I didn't do the complete workout as she did, I stopped a few times to rest. Of course I paused the video so I did all the reps, just not all at once.

I would highly recommend the blogilates youtube channel, she is a great leader, very upbeat and happy.

Calories burned: 311
Average Heart Rate(BPM): 156
Max Heart Rate(BPM):183
Fat Burn(Minutes): 3:39--I wonder why this is so low? 
Fitness(Minutes): 27:11
Total Time(Minutes): 30:50

Skinny Leggings
Bikini Blaster pt. 1
Bikini Blaster pt. 2 


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