Saturday, August 4, 2012

E.l.f Glossy Gloss in Dragon Fruit

Hey Adventurers! Today I'm doing a review on the glossy gloss from e.l.f (eyes.lips.face) which can be purchased here in the shade Dragon Fruit. I chose this color because it was a shade that caught my eye on the website--side note: the color swatches on are extremely off from the actual product you will receive and if you have reached this post(by searching) then you are doing the right thing by researching the color and by seeing swatches, yay for you!-- because it was a pretty regular shade, a light pinky coral color and I thought 'oh yeah, that seems regular enough to pull off!' And it's regular price is 3.00 but they always have a 50% off studio coupon that's running that allows you to get it for 1.50!

So in the photo above you'll see the swatch, and as you can tell it's a pinky coral color and it's just gorgeous. In the swatch it comes out pretty pigmented and it's a very wearable gloss with no glitter or shimmer whatsoever.

On the lips: The color comes off very streaky and I want to say that's from the brush. The brush is a very low quality brush that is very hard and scratchy. Not a pleasant experience to apply this--okay, so it's not THAT bad, but I still expected a little more to be honest-- I was quite disappointed with this. I usually don't like Brush type applicators anyway because I just find it awkward to be completely honest; but the brush that comes with this is just absolutely horrible.

Overall would I repurchase this? I'm still on the fence about them, the color is great when you get over the streaky-ness but that brush is just... I don't know how to describe it...

Did you find this with your glossy gloss? Did this review help you in anyway? What would you like to see from this blog? Send in your requests below!

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dugongsss said...

Great review! I haven't tried any of the glossy glosses from E.L.F before but the colour looks amazing. :)

Stop by and check out my blog :)

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