Sunday, August 12, 2012

E.L.F Glossy Gloss: Muted Mauve

Hey adventurers! Today's blog post is coming at cha from the back patio, where I am sitting at my brand new patio set! (can you tell how excited I am about that?)

Today's review is of another E.L.F product--since it is E.l.f month on my blog-- and this time it's the Glossy Gloss in Muted Mauve. When I received it, this was the product that I was least excited about as it looks straight up brown in the tube. Again, if you are going to purchase stuff from elf the pictures on the website are straight up bad. Always do your research darling.

Here's the swatch; again this has no shimmer or glitter in it because it's supposed to be just a straight color with sheen. But the color is a pinky brown, it's a very pigmented gloss and that could be a good or a bad thing. 

When I applied it to my lips, the brush was smooth and nice feeling unlike the brush that came with the shade Dragon Fruit--which was disappointing because that was my favorite color of the 4 that I purchased--and the color came out somewhat sheer. I am not a fan of this color on my lips, it made them look very odd. I'd say if you have a darker skin tone and you want a darker nude shade to try this one out, it is a good gloss but it just looks weird on my skin tone and my lips. 

I have inserted the picture above to show you the actual color that it looks like in the tube as the first photo doesn't give a very great representation of it. As you can see it is a very dark shade in the tube. It is a little forgiving as it's not exactly that shade on your lips. 

Will I be repurchasing? No. 

Have you tried Muted Mauve? Leave your thoughts on it down below! 



Maisy Grey Bennett said...

Great review! I agree that the swatches on the ELF website are terrible, I always google images before buying. x


Laura said...

i am in total agreement, the colours on the website look nowhere near the actual colour which is a huge shame as when they arrive in real life its a disappoinment.
sorry it wasn't for you!
laura x

Effy said...

love the blog dear :D

newest follower !!

xox Effy

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