Friday, August 10, 2012

Random thinking leads to money saved.

So I just watched this video, and it made me think about how much money I do pour into makeup products that I could be saving or spending on something else. I have a LOT of makeup. Enough to keep this blog running with reviews and such for a while. So I've decided to put myself on a month long spending ban for makeup products. Until September 9th, I cannot buy any makeup; and I want to stay true to that. I've tried spending bans before but I had forgotten and broken it on like the 3rd day. But with my second job ending and me getting my first full-time job and depending soley on that income only. I'll have less money anyway to spend on luxury items like Makeup. So from this point until September 9th. You won't be seeing any more makeup hauls. You might still see hauls for fashion like items, but no more makeup. Lets see how long I can do this and IF I can do this.

Wish me luck..



Sherry Williams said...

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