Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mally's High Shine Liquid Lipstick

Hey Adventurers! Today is a review of the item I recently received in my New Beauty Test tube. I received my tube about two weeks ago and was instantly drawn to this to try out. I don't know too much about the brand but a few people on youtube talk about them and love them. This bad boy will cost $20. As I said, I received it in my test tube so I didn't pay full price for it.

This product has a brush tip applicator--these pictures were taken when it was brand new to get the full effect of everything and to keep it in pristine condition; and who wants to see a brush coated in gloss anyway? hahaa. To get the product through the brush, you twist up the bottom. It took a pretty good minute for any product to get through the brush.

Here's a swatch of it--with flash. It has shimmer in it and quite a bit that you won't see in the tube, it surprised me actually. On the hand it was more of a stickier formula than I liked. On the lips it feels less sticky but it's still sticky and it's not something that I would run toward again. The lasting power on the lips is enough. It stays for about an hour, comes off on things and it's sticky. I know it says nothing about staying tough. But I just wanted more from this product.

Bottom line: I wouldn't purchase this product again, and I don't think I would of ever purchased this product for $20. The color is gorgeous but it's just too sticky for my liking. :/ Again, I just wanted more from this product.

What were your thoughts on this product if you've ever tried it? Also what would you like to see on this blog?



Anonymous said...

I have never tried out Mally products but her bubbly personality and some of the reviews on her products make me want to try her makeup. I don't mind sticky lip glosses so perhaps I will like that lip gloss. Thanks for the review, I hope you will post more reviews of Mally products!

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