Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fashion wants: August 2012

Hey Adventurers! I've decided to update you on my fashion wants! These are all on the more expensive side because I'm feeling a little luxurious.--ha.

1. Michael Kors rose gold watch-- you may be asking why when I have the 15 dollars Target watch, but honestly I just want to see the actual difference in front of me. Am I willing to pay the 250 for it? Probably not.
2. Chanel tote- This is one of my forever wants. I've always wanted the chanel bag with the white symbol on the front but since that one is not on the website this bad boy right here will have to suffice. And since the website shows no prices I don't know how much this would cost.
3. Sneaker Wedges- Doesn't have to be these specific ones just sneaker wedges I love the idea. I may be tall enough already but they are just so darn cute. It's like a hide-a-wedge and I find them so adorable.
4. Victoria's Secret yoga pants- I'll be the first to admit that I thought it was ridiculous when everyone was wearing them. But then I bought some gilly hicks ones and I was addicted. Now, I don't wear them outside the house unless i'm doing something physical (ie. walking, jogging, hiking etc) but I do love them when I'm inside just chilling and hanging out. I've paid full price for 3 pairs and I do not regret it one bit. I wear them to death, so I'd like more. :)
5. Wildfox Couture Baggy beach jumper's- These look like the most comfortable things you could wear ever. But they come with a price tag of..... $108 each. I would never be able to justify that price. Ever. So I'll just admire from a far and wish I was rich. They are just so cute and look so comfy...

These are my fashion wants, what are yours?



AbbieJames said...

I love all those jumpers!! Lovely choice of style :)x

Laura Morrall said...

Oh my gosh! Love the Michaeal Kors watch! If only I had that much money to spare lmao. I've just done my wishlist featuring a similar looking watch for just £20, I think that will have to do me! haha.

Great wishlist, cute jumpers :)

Your newest follower!
Laura x

Sophie said...

Love the bag and the watch!


Catrine said...

love the wildfox tops... i have a weakness for wildfox tees xxx

Jill said...

ooh thanks for sharing i really like those wildfox tops SO ADORABLE haha

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