Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beauty Army!

Why hello there Adventurers! Today's post is another one of my beauty boxes, today's is Beauty Army. This box will run you about $12 to pick 6 beauty samples to be sent to you every month. This month I picked out:

Macadamia Healing oil treatment- So excited about this because of all the hype these products have gotten in the past, and well my naturally curly hair needs some healing.
Kellett Moisturizing gel- I basically picked this because I only wanted to try 3 things in my box and who can have enough moisturizers? hah.
Apothederm stretch mark cream- I don't have too many stretch marks but I do have some on my legs and well, they ain't cute so I want to try this is try to get rid of them. The only problem is, this bottle is pretty much empty. There's not much product in this at all. I don't know if I just got a bad one or what.
LA Fresh Oil free face cleanser- As much as I like my Benefit skincare a new cleanser every now and then can be good so I decided to try this one out.
Fiafini Skincare Divine hydration moisturizer- As good as the name sounds I had to pick it out. And I like trying new moisturizers. I'm currently shopping my stash of mini moisturizers right now to get rid of the little sample sizes that I have and it's been treating me well so far.
Atzen Protective day cream- Also says it's the perfect base for makeup, well I'ma be trying that one out tomorrow.

Those are the six things that I chose to receive this month. For my three months using beauty army I am very happy with it. The choice of samples that I like is lacking for example last month I didn't really like my box because I didn't have too many samples that I liked. But when that happens just skip the month. I get too excited about receiving things in the mail and go overboard and then I'm disappointed. BUT this month I truly love my box and am excited for 5 out of the 6 things!

Do you have a beauty army? Tell me about your samples below!



Jess said...

never heard of this box before, you got some great things (: x

Cami said...

I love your blog! i followed! I would love it if you could check out mine and follow me? Thanks so much!


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