Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Style Steal: Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch!

Hey adventurers! Today I have a really exciting post for you guys. I was told by a friend at work that there was a pretty good cheaper version of the Michael Kors Rose Gold watch at Target, so of course I had to go pick it up. Now this watch is in NO way an exact replica so I don't want anybody bashing this post. It's just similar and if you aren't willing to spend $250 for a brand name watch, you can spend $15 on a pretty good replica(in my opinion!) Now again, this watch is NOT an EXACT replica of the Michael Kors one. There are some obvious differences. This is the Michael Kors watch:

This is the watch from Target:

Since the above photo is of course not the best, I will include one without the flash. Although without the flash it comes off yellow gold. I guarantee you this watch is in fact Rose Gold(in color).

Now there are some definite differences like: No "Michael Kors" engraved in the middle, The font of the numbers is different,  there is no date tracker on this watch at all, and this watch only has the number 12 and not any others. So no, this is not an exact replica. But I'd pay $15 for this all day and to me it looks just as dashing!

Quality: This watch is metal so it's got some weight to it. It's much heavier than my plastic white Anne Klein watch that I paid 45 dollars for. I was actually surprised by how heavy it was. It's not at all heavy on the wrist but it's heavy in the hand. It's self adjusting band which is pretty easy to adjust in my opinion because I have really small wrists so no watch ever fits me right with all the bands in. I'd pay 15 dollars for this over and over again. In fact, I'm going to go back to Target and see what other watches they have. They all looked so nice!

I'm going to leave you with more photo's of the watch!

 I could not get the flash to work when it was on my wrist which is why there is no picture of it on my wrist with flash. :( stupid camera!

The flash on my camera was not cooperating with me on most of these photos. My camera does not have a flash ON option only an Auto and an off. So I'm sorry the photo's are kind of lacking and the watch appears yellow gold the whole time. It was 8 at night and well.... I am really excited and wanted to get this up!

If you like this post go ahead and leave a comment down below! Would you pay $15 for this watch?

Again, SO sorry about the quality of the photos.. :/



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