Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Hula Hula

Hey guys! I'm back with a review of NARS Hula Hula Eyeshadow Duo. NARS products are pretty pricey and this will run for $34. Usually in my opinion NARS Products are worth the price. I love their blushes and this is my only eyeshadow from them.

The duo comes with a pink and a light tan color. I picked it out because they were very neutral and easy to work with. Before you dip your brush in them, they look perfect. But the pink had VERY chunky glitter flakes that are very unappealing and get everywhere, and the chunks have gotten in my eye and they hurt so freaking bad it's not cool. The tan shade has no chunks of glitter-- actually they aren't really glitter, they are clear flake of a glitter like material but they don't give off a glittery effect. The tan shade is really gorgeous and I will probably continue to use it. But the pink shade is not appealing to me.

Final note, Hula Hula- pass.


Let me know if you like reading these reviews in the comments below and do you have any duo's from NARS, that I should try?


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