Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: It's potent! Eye Cream.

Hey guys! Continuing on with my review series I have another Benefit skincare product and today it is the eye cream! This bad boy right here costs $32 and it's marketed as a eye cream that fade's dark circle's here's an excerpt from the Benefit website (

"Your eyes can't keep a secret...they're the first to show signs of age & stress. It's potent! eye cream fades dark circles & helps smooth fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes. Contains a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness, a blend of hydrating botanical extracts including apple extract, known to help boost collagen, & loquat extract, known to help protect the skin from free radical damage." 

I use this product twice a day once in the morning after I put on my moisturizer and before I put on my primer and I find that this cream really hydrates the eye's but not to a over hydrated state, as many of you may know ( if you watch my video's) I have very oily eyelids and this does not make them oily nor does it reduce the amount of oil. It hydrates without adding to the mess(hah). 

As for the reducing dark circles, I feel like it does a teeny bit but with the amount of sleep I don't get with my busy schedule that I just combat any good that it is doing. I do notice though with the continuous use as in everyday twice a day and not forgetting or just not doing it that it does fade the dark circles. 

My final remarks? I love this eye cream, I haven't tried too many others but for the price of this(again, I get Benefit cosmetics at a discount because I am a military patron) I would repurchase it. 

If you know of any other eye creams that I should try go ahead and leave them down below and I'll be sure to try them!   


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