Monday, December 30, 2013

A look back on 2013; blogging, moving, and deployment

Okay, so 2013 has come and gone in a blur. Over the course of these 365 days a lot has gone on in my life, I've moved 3 times, driven across the country twice, gone through a deployment and much more. I figure what's a better place to look back on my year than here? I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did living it. 


2013 was an extremely horrible year for me with my blog. It got a new name from 'The Journey of my Adventure' to 'Alaina Kayy', which is almost the only positive thing that has happened. I gained about 10 followers this entire year which is just terrible. But I had to discover the time and the passion for it again and moving around and dealing with everything just came first. This blog also started as a makeup only blog when it started and it has since moved to a fitness and lifestyle blog as well because Makeup isn't my only passion. 2014 is going to be a better year for this blog, it can't get any worse than this year with all the broken promises and false come backs. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas!

Guess who's home?! My two doggies are now home with their momma! They came in yesterday so Merry Christmas to me! I'm happy to have them home with us finally. My in-laws were absolutely amazing and took care of them for the past few months while my husband was in school. We knew that we weren't going to be in Virginia long so we decided to make it easy, find a little apartment without having to worry about the dogs. I was not sure when I would be able to see them again, and I'm very lucky that it wasn't even a month of being in California.

Both me and my husband are from Washington state so his parents drove his car from Washington to California. It's around a 22 hour drive, sounds easy right? Well, my husband car has been having issues that they had thought they had sorted out. 8 hours down the road the problems began. My husband's father is a certified mechanic so he drove 20 out of the 25 hours that they were on the road in case any problems would happen. They of course made it here, but it took longer and was really stressful for them, blasting the heat the entire time. It ended up being a blown head gasket. So they didn't push it, took it slow and now we were together for Christmas!

Adjusting to having the dogs back is weird. Going from a home that is completely quiet to all the sudden full of energy is just nuts. Rogue(pictured above) is seven so she is a lot more calm and content laying around and just chilling and Le'a is nearly three so she is FULL of energy jumping around constantly testing us. Le'a is a hound mix and Rogue is a lab mix.

I'm very happy, it'll be a few more days before the posting regains. I decided to skip Motivational Wednesday this week because it was Christmas and I am enjoying my family time.

I hope everyone's Christmas and Holiday season is truly blessed!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pico De Gallo

Hey guys! I'm feeling a little under the weather today. :( No worries though because I'm here to share with you a super easy Pico de Gallo recipe. Anytime I go to a restaurant and I can get Pico on anything, I'm down. I love it, it's so fresh with just the right amount of spice and so easy!

Three small tomatoes
One Jalapeno
Half a medium sized red onion
A handful of cilantro
One clove of garlic
Water (if you prefer it wetter about 2 tbsp is enough for me)
Salt and Pepper to taste


Dice onion and tomato into small pieces. You can leaves out the seeds of the tomato if you prefer, I half did that in this picture. Cut Jalapeno in half length wise and core out the seeds. Then cut into small pieces. Roughly chop cilantro and mince the garlic.
Combine all ingredients into a medium sized container, add water, and put in the fridge for about an hour.

Best served chilled.

See! So easy. All it requires is lots of chopping, not cooking or anything! One of my favorite foods. :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

First Impressions: Yuko Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

I received this sample in one of my many beauty boxes that I was subscribed to at one point. I really never tried any of the products so they have been just sitting since I received them. I spent all the money, so I have to try them out right? The Yuko Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner was the lucky first product that I have to try out. I used them this morning right after I finished my workout. I have extremely curly hair that tends to be very dry and frizzy so naturally this would be a great product for me to try.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Motivational Wednesday #5 & December 18th LEG DAY;

Since another year is coming to an end, many many thousands of people are going to wish to get fit, lose weight, eat healthy, etc. for their New Year resolution. Of course, only a few people will actually stick with it and do it. Now, a lot of people fall of the bandwagon because either they believe it will happen in one day or they start too drastically(i.e.. going out and running 5 miles in one day, completely cutting out caffeine) and so they quit.

Everything is a work in progress, but this quote says a few things: think about what you eat, work for what you've always wanted, you have control over your own body. Generally food that I crave, like McDonalds, will make me feel really crappy soon after I eat it. But when I crave a salad it never makes me feel bad after I eat it and that was a realization that I had to make on my own; and I do still eat McDonalds every once in a while because their fries are just so good. It's just not nearly as much as I used too.

Also junk food is just fluff calories, not good calories, not filling calories.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17th;

I finally got internet hooked up in my new place! I'm super excited about it because now I can use my desktop again and I just love this thing. Today my workout was from POPSUGAR Fitness from my workout binder. I had never done this workout before and I'm glad that I chose to do this one after not working out and being very active for the last few weeks.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jellyfish at Birch Aquarium! PHOTO HEAVY

Around the Jellyfish, was the busiest part of the entire aquarium. They had set up one tank with multiple Jellyfish with changing lights and I loved the way that it looked so I thought that you might enjoy it as well. My favorite was the red light. :D

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Motivational Wednesday #4

Lucky you! TWO posts in ONE day?! I know it may not be that exciting but I'm excited about it.

Today's Motivational Wednesday, I think, could be used for anything and everything. I love the little character getting happier as it climbs each step. Plus I like the fact that it is steps, because that's what it feels like. I think this portrays a very good image of how it is to want to reach a goal. You start at the bottom and work your way to the top. It also has each step to getting there.

I all around just love this image.

Do you have any motivational photos that I need to see?

Birch Aquarium- San Diego, CA

Hey guys! Since I just moved here, I wanted to explore the area and see some of the must see's of San Diego. Of course the famous ones are the San Diego Zoo and Sea world; but the admission prices (Zoo-$44 each and Sea World-$88 each) are just out of our price range right now with all the moving expenses so I found this Aquarium online and decided hey! it's kind of like a zoo right?--no? okay then...-- Admission was a much better $17 a person and on a Tuesday morning (we went at 10am) it was pretty much empty.

The Aquarium portion of the place in itself was pretty small. It was a long u shaped hallway; but it had a lot of tanks inside with a lot of different fish/coral/organisms. Then there was another portion of the Aquarium which was a learning portion, it had a tide pool where you could touch the sea life that you could reach, also lots of interactive displays where you had to physically do something to see how it worked--ex. spinning a wheel to get two different type of light bulbs to light up. Overall it was nice. It took us about an hour to get through the entire thing.

I'm going to do another blog posts on just the Jellyfish portion because it was pretty cool. I'll link to that one here. 

I had a lot of fun there seeing all the different types of fish and even got to see some small sharks and stingrays which were pretty cool--the pictures didn't turn out so well-- so I enjoyed myself!

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it's nowhere near fitness, or beauty. but hey, it's my life right now. Hope y'all enjoy!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Motivation Wednesday #3

Hey! I'm happily settled into the hotel now and I saw this on tumblr, and this is my motivation for this Wednesday! I like this one because it's not just motivation for working out or staying fit. It's motivation for life in general. The last one is incredibly important and that's the one that means the most. In fact, that's the reason for it being my MW--motivation Wednesday-- because it's that important. Just try your best and believe me, your best is good enough. 

Your best will get better in time. Just keep trying your best and you will achieve your goal.

Sorry this is so late! I've been stressing out trying to find a house and such here. :) Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up on my daily life!
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