Monday, June 9, 2014

Throw it all together.

Ever go to the grocery store and load up on veggies; then they go bad? This week I decided to not waste it. I went through my fridge and took out everything that was about to be bad. Threw it all in a pan--except the asparagus-- and cooked it down. Put a little teriyaki and sriracha in there and bam! You have dinner.

I decided to put it on some noodles and it turned out great.

What I used:
Green, yellow, and red pepper
Groud beef 80/20 (usually I get leaner but accidentally picked this up)

It was so tasty. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Motivational Wednesday!

Confidence is sexy. :) 

Stay happy everyone.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

40 Beauty Questions

How many times do you wash your face daily? Once during my shower. 
What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo) Oily
What is your current facial wash? Garnier Gel Brusher cleanser
Do you exfoliate? No. 
What brand do you use? --
What moisturiser do you use? Benefit's Total Moisture 
Do you have freckles? Yes I sure do. 
Do you use eye cream? Benefit's It's Potent eye cream. 
Do you or did you have acne prone skin? I do, mostly when my brushes need to be cleaned or I don't wash my face good enough after I workout. 
Did you ever have to use Pro-activ? No

What foundation do you use? I don't use foundation. :( 
How about concealer? Rimmel's Match Perfection, and Neutrogena Healthy Skin
Do you know your undertone colour? No
What do you think of fake eyelashes? Requires too much time in the morning. 
Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? I sure did
What brand of mascara do you use? I'm not brand specific. I use every brand as long as It appeals to me. 
Sephora or MAC? Sephora has a lot of brands. Or are you talking about the brand Sephora? If you're talking about the brand Sephora, I'd go with MAC. If not, then the store Sephora. 
Do you have a MAC Pro-card? Nope
What makeup tools do you use in make up application? I don't like this question. Not specific enough. 
Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? E.l.f Eyelid Primer. All day. 
For the face? Porefessional by Benefit. 
What is your favourite eyeshadow (color or shade)? Toasted in the Original Naked Palette 
Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Pen. Revlon Colorstay. 
How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? I haven't yet. But I'm sure I will tomorrow. 
What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? Cool Man. 
Do you use mineral makeup? Nope. 
What is your favourite lipstick? Plumful by MAC
How about lipgloss? Coralista by Benefit 
What is your favorite blush to use? Melba by MAC
Do you buy your makeup on eBay? No. I think there are way too many fakes for me to try to decipher the real ones. 
Do you like drugstore makeup? Yes
Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets) No
Did you ever consider taking make-up classes? No 
Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? I wouldn't say clumsy, I'd say more lazy. 
Name a makeup crime that you hate? Way too much blush. Yo--TONE IT DOWN 
Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones? Neutral
Which celebrity always has great make up? I have no idea. 
If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use? Concealer. 
Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? Yes, everyday. 
Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? Yes. 
In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? Benefit
What do you think of Makeup? Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty. It won't create it. You need to believe that you are beautiful without it to fully get it. 

Fun fact. This post has been in my drafts since the beginning of 2012. Yay me for finally getting around to filling it out! :) 

Also, I have not figured out how to reply to comments in the comments below. If you comment, I will comment back. You'll just have to check back because it won't allow me to reply directly. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend talkin'

First I want to say oops on last week for the lack of posts. I started working finally. I was so exhausted when I got home every night. Getting your body back into standing for 8-9 hours a day is intense for a little while. 

This weekend started out like any other weekend. I had to drive back to work because I accidentally brought something home that I wasn't supposed too. Then me and the hubs went grocery shopping to get stuff for the chili we were making for the Superbowl. We went to the gas station and then we started heading home--I guess this is where you're going to get why I'm making a post about it-- when we were getting onto the interstate we heard a thunk and then the music stopped playing. At first we were like 'uhhh?' then I realized what it was. Anyone want to take a guess? Go ahead. Guess. 

Ready to find out if you were right? Well when the guy was loading the groceries into the car we were talking about Hawaii and I put my phone on the top of the car while I was listening to him. So then I got in the car and we drove to the gas station. Yup. It made it to the gas station. My husband pumped gas, and unbeknownst to us my phone is just sitting on the top of the car probably screaming "HELLOOOOOO.. aren't you going to notice me sitting up here?!"   Looking back, why didn't he notice it sitting up there?! (Sitting here today, I can still blame everyone else but me for it happening. haha) 

It was funny though because the music kind of kept cutting out, and I wanted to change the song but decided to just deal with it. If I had gone to change the song then I would of noticed something wasn't quite right. Anyways, enough of thinking of the what ifs. Point is I'm an idiot and left the phone on the car. 

So we were getting on the interstate and we heard it fly off, the music stopped and my heart sunk immediately as I looked in the side mirror and saw it flipping in the air.  I wanted to cry, how could I of been so stupid?! I begged my husband to go back for it because well it's my phone! I didn't want someone getting ahold of it if it had survived the road--it didn't but the point is still there-- So we did. We went back for it. I got out of the car and ran into the middle of the road to pick it up. If some of you reading are screaming at me telling me I'm stupid and I should of just left it--nope. couldn't leave it. Plus it wasn't exactly super busy so no cars were around. 

 Oh it was in pieces, it had definitely be ran over a few times, but I felt instantly better once I had it back in my possession. Of course I lost it when I called my mom to tell her I had no phone. It was just crazy. I couldn't believe it--still can't believe it. Later on that day we go to the Verizon store to buy me a new phone. We had bought the insurance! So a mere 5 dollars a month plus the 99 dollar deposit I got a new phone! Oh the relief when he told us that we had insurance. It was like a light bulb went off in our heads "Oh yeahhh!! I remember it now" We bought it originally for my husband when he goes out on the boat in case he drops it or loses it or something but nope. It was me! I was the one who needed it. 

OH and shoutout to Asurion and Verizon because we put the claim in on Saturday and I got my phone today! 

Now onto Sunday. 

Superbowl Sunday

With my Seahawks

and they beat the crap out of those broncos. 

We had a good sized get together with some friends--lots of alcohol and watched the game. My house had to of been the loudest on the block. We are huge Hawk fans. From that first snap, we knew. 

My husband and I are from Washington and have always been fans, even in 2006 when they went against the Steelers--but we don't talk about that game. We're just happy that after a great season that we just had, they were able to bring that trophy home. 


Superbowl 48 Champions. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Motivational Wednesday #8

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nails of the week: Sonia Kashuk & GAP

I finally decided to switch it up. Up until yesterday I was still wearing Tauped by Sonia Kashuk. Well today's a new day! I'm still into the more 'normal' colors right now and I really liked the wearing power of Tauped so I went with the only other Sonia Kashuk polish that I have. This one is called Blank Slate. It's a deep grayish-blue. As an accent color I chose Gold Rush from GAP. I've used this color before and it is gorgeous. It has a great wide brush on it but it looks a lot better in the bottle than it does on the nail. Only because in the bottle you can see a lot of the blue's and purple's in the color, but instead on the nail its more of yellow and light green.  Nonetheless it's still a great color. Again I used Sally Hansen's Double duty as a top coat. It worked out great for me last time. 

The one complaint against Blank slate is that it's a lot more streaky than Tauped. It's almost as if going over the nail polish again with the brush less coated makes it streak and take away polish that was already there--does that make sense?. So the brush had to almost be completely soaked in polish for it to get a good coverage. But it's easy to work through and other than that no issues. I'll edit the post later to tell you how long they lasted on the nails. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Do not aim to be a skinny you, aim to be the best you.

Why would you want to be just skinny? When you are losing weight your goal should be to be healthy. Healthy is not the same as skinny. Before someone jumps down my throat here, if you are losing weight you would not be naturally skinny. Naturally skinny people should--in my opinion--also lift weights, gain muscle mass, and eat healthy. If you're naturally skinny, good for you! I was you at one point. Up until the age of 19, I weighed 125-130 pounds on my 5'10'' frame. I had that nice thigh gap that everyone wanted and frankly, I don't want to go back. Now I weigh 160 pounds, no thigh gap, and I want to be healthier. Hell, if I get healthy and I don't lose any weight, or get my thigh gap back, great! I just want to have healthy habits. 

So why should you join me in my goal to become healthy instead of skinny? Well, why not? Why would you want to do all this work and not have anything to show for it--except the weight loss. Healthy also doesn't mean big and bulky muscles. Everyone has their own version of healthy. My healthy may not be healthy for you. Everyone's body is different. The fact that people even say " I want to be skinny " makes me mad because you shouldn't. Skinny isn't always healthy. Root for your health, not just being skinny.

Maybe I should tell you guys my definition of healthy for myself. Reading this post back it may be a little confusing for someone. My vision of healthy for myself is to have a good amount of muscle on my body. I want to tone my body. I'm not overweight. I do not have a goal weight frankly because I am not overweight. I want to be healthier and if I lose weight in the process, well that's okay, and if I gain weight cool. Being healthy is eating better and introducing workouts into your daily routine. 

Bottom line here, is aim to be the best you, that you can be. Not just a skinny you.

What's your version of healthy? Is it quitting smoking? (good for you if it is, cause that is a 100% healthy decision) Is it laying back on the alcohol? Working out three days a week? What? Tell meeee! I want to knoooowww! :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today I want to talk about puzzles. That's right puzzles. First lets talk about how when the word is italicized it looks like the word shouldn't exist. Second, how come people don't do these more often? I saw a post on Facebook this morning, about a brand that makes puzzles with no edges and 5 extra pieces--it had a caption of "Satan, is that you?"or something along those lines-- and that made me want to get a puzzle. So I headed on down to my local Kmart this morning--it's like 3 minutes from my house-- and it took me 10 minutes to decide on a puzzle, there was a lot of choices. It was 8.99, and I feel like I got my 8.99 out of it just today. At the point in the picture I had worked on it about 4 hours. Not very much work done is there? That's because you gotta separate all the edge pieces from the non-edge pieces, then I separated by color scheme and that takes a long time. It's a 1000 piece puzzle, but it takes a long time to get through all those pieces, plus I missed some of the edge pieces during the first sort and so I had to sort through them again gosh darnit. All in all I spent about 6 hours on the puzzle today, and it only looks a tad bit different than in the picture above.

I'm not going to lie, trying to find the pieces that go together gets overwhelming after a while; but it's a little exciting each time I find one that matches. I was listening to music, the whole time so I wasn't just sitting there in silence--that would be boring. The main goal of it was to get off the couch and away from the TV. I haven't started work yet and each day besides my daily workout, cleaning the house, and going outside to play with the dogs, I basically just sit on the couch and watch TV. It's annoying, really. I wish that my neighborhood would be more walk friendly. There is basically no sidewalks, and a million cars parked on both sides of the road. So your basically walking in the road if a car were to choose to be going down the road and I don't like the idea of driving somewhere to take a walk.

I got off on a little tangent there. Back to the puzzle. It was really entertaining, I feel like it could be something I could do with my husband if he wanted. I'm exited to finish it--pray there are no missing pieces-- glue it together and then hang it on the wall. The image is just beautiful and I love when I've seen puzzles as art in other places it's nifty. Besides, I get art for 8.99. Who can beat that? I guess I could if I got a cheaper puzzle--were you thinking that too? 

So anyway, puzzles. Do them. :D

When was the last time you did a puzzle? Do you enjoy them? or think they're boring?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nails of the week: Sonia Kashuk's Tauped

Cue awkward hand holding of the nail polish. I haven't actually painted my nails in months, and I mean months. I kept getting the worst nail polish that would chip almost instantly and that turned me off nail polish. I've had this one for a while--it got packed in Hawaii, and I love the color. When I went to paint my nails I wanted a pure nude color and this is the only neutral shade that I had so I settled. Well, settling was the best decision I've made this week because I love the color. The staying color is great as well. I used Sally Hansen's double duty for a top coat. I have been wearing it for 4 days now and I only have minimal chipping. A lot of it happens in the shower or while I am washing dishes--we have no dishwasher, yuck I know-- but if I compare it to a lot of my other nail polishes this one takes the cake. 

I have used instadri but that one creates a lot of bubbles on the nails and that just irritates me so I stopped using it near the end of the bottle, just threw it away. I won't be buying another one either. I'd say the picture is pretty close to the real thing. I love the color. It's suitable for everyday wear, pretty professional, and not off putting or too in your face. 

The one complaint I do have is the bottle is a defective one. The brush is crooked, it comes out of the lid at about a 45 degree angle. I have to force it into the bottle. I easily could of returned it to the Target I bought it from and got another, but it's not that big of a deal. It makes applying it a little awkward at times but I can still apply it pretty well.

EDIT: 1/27/2014 

I applied the polish on the 17th, and I took it off on the 26th. There were two chipped nails, and most had the top rubbed away with little teeny chip marks. So overall I'd say it did amazing. Almost 10 days without any huge chips.

What color is on your nails right now?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Workout;

Have you ever woke up, jumped out of bed, and just been really excited to get sweaty? No? Me neither. This morning I woke up, spent about an hour in bed checking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, THEN I got up and told myself I wasn't working out today because I just didn't feel like it. Hah. Since when do I listen to myself nowadays? So I turned on the ps3 switched DVD's and hit start. You would think at this point I would be working out right? Nope, I had to search my house for my workout watch and the chest strap. It took me about 15 minutes to find both and I thought that it was actually quite funny.

Anyways, I did level one of Killer Buns & Thighs today. Let me start off by saying Eff that workout. Holy crap. 6 minutes in, my legs are screaming and begging me to stop. There was a few moves that are also in Extreme Shed & Shred so those I was relieved by because I knew how to do them and could do them pretty confidently. I took quite a few breaks and had some interruptions through today's workout. At around 12 minutes I sat down because I felt like I was going to pass out. I rested for about 3 minutes--that time is not included in the picture. My mom called at around 20 minutes. I paused the video and grabbed water about 5 times.

My legs are my number one problem area that I have. Number two would be obliques. This video is of course targeted with the legs and with some cardio intervals. I like this DVD very much, it's difficult, it takes a lot of effort, and it hurts. All things that I like when I workout.

I didn't want to workout this morning as I mentioned earlier, I didn't feel like it. I did though. This is me becoming a better me. Not listening to my head, listening to my body and what it wants. Listening to my body is the whole thing. So work through those road blocks, I'm doing it, you can too.

Heart rate(Beats per minute):
Average: 164
Maximum: 190

Total time: 42:15
Fat Burn: 03:59
Fitness: 38:11

Calories Burned: 461

After workout meal:
I ate oatmeal and raspberries after the workout this morning. I like my oatmeal on the runnier side I'm not sure why, but I think the texture of pure oatmeal grosses me out.

Did you workout this morning?

Oh, and I'm not sure why I cannot directly reply to comments on my blog. It's not giving me a reply option, so if you comment on my blog, I will reply to you. You just have to check back cause I'll just add another comment onto the post. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Photo of the day.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday workout and a Thursday story;

Today I did part 2 of the Jillian Michaels extreme shed and shred DVD. Just like the first time it was insanely hard for me. I'll be honest with you, I haven't worked out in the last 3 days. I've been worried about getting the job and having to drive out there everyday at about noon so that I can do all the requirements. Then when I got home I just rested. I'm going to go on a little tangent here. If you aren't interested in my crazy day I had yesterday go ahead and skip the next long paragraph. :) 

Yesterday in itself was a day that I had planned on working out, BUT it ended up being an emotion filled few hours that turned my whole day. On my way to sign all the official paperwork and get the drug test paperwork, a rock came up and hit my windshield, cracking it. It's not too bad it's about a quarter size in the middle of the windshield. When I say middle, I mean middle. Smack dab in the middle of it. Perfectly in center. My car is less than a year old and it's already been in an accident( I was not involved in that accident ) and now I cracked the damn windshield. I handled myself pretty well I think, I didn't let it upset me too much since there was nothing that I could do about it except now I have to get it fixed. So I get to where I need to go, sign all the paperwork, and leave. In the parking lot, I decide to call my insurance to see if they'll cover it getting fixed. I find out that maybe it'll be covered--he didn't even give me a real answer-- but since we moved states our insurance is going to go up. Basically it's going to double, and I mean double, not nearly double, and not almost double I wanted to scream. I was thinking to myself, thank god that I just got a job or we would NOT be able to afford that. So I get over that heartbreak, shed about two tears and get back on the road to go home for a few to figure everything out before I have to go find the place for the drug test. On my way home, I run over a piece of someone else's car. It was a little metal rod and of course I didn't even see it, all I do is hear it hit the car. My heart drops, I start cursing to myself and gosh darn it, now I'm dragging it down on the road. So, of course I pull over, look around my car and find it punctured the plastic under my car, right in the front. It's lodged in there pretty good and it took quite a bit of effort to get it out. I finally get it out, get back into my car and I'm just done, completely wiped out, I break down right there in the car on the side of the road. I start thinking to myself, don't do this. Everything is okay. Everything will be okay. The car is okay ( even though I was worried something would start leaking, it didn't. ) It's just a car--I personify my car so hard, hate leaving her places, love my car, it's my baby so saying that didn't help-- and I finally get myself home. Thankfully the rest of the day was pretty much uneventful, as I couldn't even handle anything else. It may not seem like much, but all of this happened within an hour on the first day of my husbands short underway. 

Okay, so onto my workout. 

I felt like I let myself down a little with the workout, I feel like I didn't push myself hard enough during the workout. I kept telling myself "you can do this, work harder, don't give up" and I got through it but it was really hard. Part two has a lot of squats and my knees were not liking it, I've had knee problems before so I always watch it. I wasn't going to let it get in the way of my workout though so I pushed myself but I made sure that they weren't hurting, they were just uncomfortable. The first time I did part two I burned 548 calories in the same amount of time--around 52 minutes-- so I'm taking that as I didn't push myself as hard as I did the first time. You know what? I shouldn't think about it like that, I got up there and did almost an hour and I pushed myself damn hard, I wanted to give up after 17 minutes, my head said just do 20 then you can stop. Obviously I didn't listen. I worked through it, and it hurt. I did a great job for my recent struggle and I won't think about it again like that. Every workout is a good one. 

I am happy to say that I finally felt something when I did the russian twists, which mean that I've been doing them wrong every single time I've ever done them. I had a feeling I was doing them wrong because I didn't feel it, but I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Now I know, and now I will do them correctly and finally reap the benefits from them. 

I feel good. When I was in the shower after the workout, I was shaving my legs and man it was hard to stand there and lift a leg and lean down to shave. Everything has been hard to do, my legs hurt. 

Oh, and this may be a TMI for some people, but I looked at my butt this morning and at all the little dibbits there and then after the workout, I looked at it again. It looked a lot better. Of course it's not going to be an immediate thing and if I look at it now, I'm sure it'll look like it did this morning. But I have noticed that if I do this workout or any workout that has a lot of leg action or on leg day I can see the change in my butt rather fast, but it won't last if I stop doing it, does that make sense? For example, the last day I worked out my butt was more round than it was today. So I think that that in itself is motivation for me to keep working it, cause it looked nice. hah. I'm loving it. 

I hope you enjoyed this quite random, but still got to the point workout post. Did you workout today? Do you have a story you would like to tell? 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turkey Taco Thursday!

So usually my husband and I will get a pound of each ground turkey and ground beef, half them and then mix them together. It's our way of lessening the fat more even though we buy 97% ground beef, it's a little healthier to mix the turkey. This is not a half turkey/half ground beef taco. It's a 100% turkey taco. 


One medium sized tomato (I took the seeds out)
One handful of kale
Three big leaves of spinach 
Half a pound ground beef
Half a jalapeño (no seeds)
Your favorite taco seasoning ( I use McCormick ) 
Two tortillas


Brown the meat, while the meat is browning I took this time to cut the tomatoes, spinach, kale and Jalapeño. After the meat is done browning add the taco seasoning and a little water. I used the time it takes to simmer with the seasoning to warm the Tortillas in the microwave. 30 seconds in the microwave with paper towel on top. Then all you gotta do is piece it together. 

I tasted it without any sour cream or sauce and it was delicious so I didn't add any. I ate it just like it is in the picture. I had two of course. I estimate the calorie count to be around 250-300 per taco. The tortilla alone is 120 but everything else after that is pretty low calorie. I didn't use all of the meat that was made so I probably ate about 1/4 of a pound of ground beef in the two tacos. 

Side note about Kale: This shit is delicious. I went to the store today to get my weekly produce and I picked it up for the first time since I have been seeing it everywhere in all sorts of recipes and holy moly, it's delicious. Tummy is happy. :) 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I landed an interview and then landed a job.

I have probably applied to at least 100 places since I moved to Cali a month and a half ago. I have heard back from 4 by email saying something along the lines of "we appreciate you taking the time out to apply, but unfortunately you suck and you won't be getting the job" I'm just kidding, companies would never say that; but it's kind of how it feels to be rejected by email, youknow? I mean, I appreciate it completely because then I know not to hold my breath about that job, but it still kind of sucks. I also applied for companies that I have worked for before and they were the ones to call for an interview--of course-- and hell yeah because I know how to do that job and that's easier for me. I interviewed at one and the shift wouldn't work for me, but they really wanted me to apply for the part-time position, I'm not looking for part-time. The second person called me on Friday, had an interview yesterday, and they told me today that I got the job! I go in tomorrow for all the paperwork and stuff, but I am now feeling a little bit better about myself. 

I really needed a pick me up. Honestly, I really did. 

I'm not one to let my husband handle all the bills and right now we are drowning in them, this blog will not suffer because I have discovered Bloglovin'--details on that in another post-- and now that I don't have to write about only one thing I feel more into it and I love writing. I'm getting positive feedback on my blog and even though it's small, I still love it. I'm feeling like I can go places with it and connect with people. Anyway, I digress. I have a job now and I'm really happy about it. I don't know when I start yet, BUT I can still be happy about it! :) and besides getting out of this house for a few hours a day would be a breath of fresh air.

Things my new supervisors said about me that told them they needed me:

-High energy
-Great attitude
-Positive attitude
-I talked highly about my strengths, but did not hide my weaknesses
-I love to talk, straight up love to talk.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Motivational Wednesday/ Personal Struggle

When I looked through my collection of motivational photos on my computer this morning I stumbled across this one. Since I've been having such a hard time with the motivation, I almost didn't want to do a motivational Wednesday this week because it didn't feel right; then I realized that's even more of a reason to do it. I need the motivation this week. I need the pick me up. I need to know that I'll make it through this; and no, it's not easy. 

I've never hit a wall like this before over the years that I've been trying to better my health. I think that getting over this--or through it-- will mark that I have changed as a person into a better one. I won't give up and I can't give up. I'm not quitting this time. 

It hasn't been easy. Especially not lately. I know this post isn't like the usual motivational Wednesday's. The thing is is that I haven't been doing too much too fast or anything. I think I'm just getting discouraged because I'm not seeing results and in fact I've gained 8 pounds--and I'm sure it's not in a good way ie. not muscle mass-- so I'm not doing something right. I'll stick with it, I know I will. 

I just gotta keep going. If you read my post yesterday, you know that I've been telling myself 'just give it a half hour, get up and do something for a half hour' That usually gets me through the workout. I'm trying to say that even though I am discouraged, I haven't given up. I haven't stopped working out. I haven't stopped trying, and that's what it's all about.

I'm sorry that this wasn't very motivational, I hope that you approve of my honesty. Let me know how you stay motivated, please.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tuesday Workout!

For the past week, I've been using my Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred DVD. Man is it a good workout. I do part one, on one day and then part two the next day. Today I did part one, and I was dying. I've been very discouraged and haven't been wanting to workout; but I keep telling myself 'just give it a half hour' and I did. I'm happy and sore and everything but I feel very good. I've done part two before so I mentally have to get myself ready for that because part two is just so much harder for me. Every workout for me has been really difficult lately, and I find that that is a good thing. I'm getting up and I'm doing it. I'm not listening to my brain that's telling me not to do anything, to just relax and work on it tomorrow. 

I feel like I'm starting over. It's not necessarily a bad thing.  I know that I need to work on bettering my diet even more than I already have. I decided to only drink water on the weekdays and drink other things on the weekends. That's my goal right now and it's working out so far even though it's only Monday. Anyway enough with that. I may or may not make a whole post about my recent struggle but we'll see. 

Fat Burn(minutes): 5:07
Fitness(minutes): 34:52
Total Time(minutes): 39:59
Average Heart Rate(beats per minute):164
Maximum Heart Rate(beats per minute):190
Calories burned:438 

This DVD is a great workout as long as you put a lot of work into it. It's easy to skimp out when I workout with a DVD, but I'm doing it to better me, and not just half ass it. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Motivational Wednesday!

The way I see it, is a majority of people who fail with their fitness goal or dream is because they do too much, too fast. They decide one day to change in a good way. They do that by drastically changing something/everything.  Make small changes. If you drink 4 sodas a day aim for 2, if you drink large amounts of alcohol try changing it from 7 days a week to 4 days a week to start. Then as the weeks go on, lower the intake of whatever it is. If you stop all of it in one day the body does not react well as its used to having it and therefore it has an opposite effect of what you would like. 
Earning a healthy body is not done overnight therefore your choices should not be put into action overnight. Take it slow. Even if it doesn't seem like much, it helps you and do not give up! Every little thing helps. Hell, getting up and walking around your living room every commercial break helps and that's a small thing to do. 
Fitness does not require drastic changes overnight. It requires changes over months and months. As your body shows changes over the months so should your habits.
Keep that in mind and I hope you stick to your goal.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Best of 2013; Beauty

Here we go for 2014 everybody, and what else is better than talking about last year? hahaha. I'm just kidding, but I AM going to tell you what I used the most last year. The best of my entire makeup collection. I found myself drawn to these products the most and I believed that they did the best on my skin. The only thing that is not pictured is my beloved Rimmel Stay matte powder because I have mentioned that at LEAST a million times by now. :) and on we roll!


Benefit's Bella Bamba: I'm not going to lie, I think that the packaging is nothing but annoying. It's bulky and big for basically no reason; BUT I love the color. The gorgeous pink with gold flecks of shimmer. I love that the payoff on the brush is just the correct amount and it's not crazy pigmented from one swipe. Absolutely beautiful color.

NARS Torrid: This was the first NARS product that I ever purchased and it led me into my deep pocketed love affair with NARS products. If you were going to compare Torrid to Bella Bamba, it's a lot more of a deep orange, so it's a coral color with gold shimmer. I love NARS packaging--who doesn't?-- because it's just so clean and simple.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Motivational Wednesday #6


I originally saw this post on Instagram and it spoke to me in many many ways. I love how the quote ends with 'sweetie' making it really sincere, and sweet. I'm not completely trusting that Marilyn Monroe said it because it's 2014--now-- and people can add any name to any quote. But it doesn't really matter who said it, I just love what is being said. It's pretty self explanatory, with whats being said, I just feel like so many people need to know this and they have to really believe it.

Nowadays we have so many outlets--media, online, bullying-- telling us that we're not okay the way we are. And some people in the spotlight are trying to change this, it's just not nearly enough people to outweigh the negative. Even though I don't personally know you and your goals, I know damn well that believing in yourself is the best thing anyone can do for themselves.

I do hope that you enjoy these posts, and they will continue every Wednesday throughout this year. I welcome any feedback that you may want to give. Thank you for reading, and I hope you become a frequent reader of my blog. :D
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